Automated Contact Centers

The main task of the customer care department of each enterprise is to timely consult and transmit necessary information to customers, thereby helping customers connect more with the business. However, the balance between cost and the best experience for customers always causes business headaches. To minimize staffing, improve productivity and optimize customer experience, FPT.AI brings a solution for customer service automation.

Customer Service Center automatically applies Deep Learning technology, voice synthesis technology (TTS) with outstanding advantages is the rich source of data from millions of samples from regions in Vietnam has been processed.

This solution of FPT.AI helps enterprises to:

  • Provide continuous customer service anytime, anywhere with accurate information
  • Improve workflow automation
  • Meet the large workload of the CCC

With the desire of applying advanced and advanced technology to create a difference in customer care, VHT is one of the first partners to use FPT Automated Call Center. The application of customer care center automatically helps VHT handle nearly 100,000 calls in a day and about more than 1 million calls in a month, so VHT not only saves personnel, ensures the accuracy of the information and maintains the most friendly working attitude, but also enhances the customer experience.

The evolution of call center from on-location to cloud-based technology, means customers benefit from faster service. With multi-channel communication and knowledgeable agents, your Call Center will be automated and efficient.
Deliver the seamless customer service you desire with FPT.AI.

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