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Today, chatbot application among enterprises is gradually becoming the general trend of the new era, creating the advantage for businesses. With the ability to integrate directly into Facebook, SMS instant messaging tools …, automate user-to-user conversations, understand complex requirements, provide accurate feedback, personalize and improve interactions, chatbot is predicted to become an indispensable trend in business.
Chatbot’s foundation – FPT.AI Conversation is the business solution among thousands of chatbot platforms currently available on the market. So what benefits that Chatbot FPT.AI could bring your business?
• 70% reduction in operating support costs
• Reduce customer response time to 60%
• Interact with customers anytime, anywhere and easily through familiar conversation interfaces
• Support marketing through promotional announcements
• Promote brand awareness
Many Vietnamese businesses have used FPT.AI Chatbot to support sales and customer care. FPT Shop is a retail chain of FPT Retail Corporation, which is using the FPT.AI platform to develop automated systems to quickly answer customer inquiries and send information about promotions, new products and services of the store. The Chatbot application helps FPT Shop improve the quality of customer care and reduce the cost of human resources. FPT Telecom has deployed a chatbot to support Facebook Messenger clients using FPT.AI Chatbot platform.
FPT’s Chatbot not only serves domestic enterprises but also is trusted by foreign customers. A leading corporation in healthcare services in the US – uses FPT.AI to build a chatbot system for corporations. This system helps to quickly meet the staffs’ requirements and questions and increase the quality of work environment while minimizing unnecessary logistic time. One of the three largest telecommunications operators in Singapore has used FPT.AI to automatically support its customers through email and chat channels.
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