Connected Chatbots

FPT.AI Conversation optimizes user experiences through Messaging and is built to integrate rich conversational experiences with multiple platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Twilio, SMS, etc.

Personalization and Context-Driven

FPT.AI engine provides the Conversational with the ability to understand the context of interactions and be highly contextually aware; and personalizes the interactions with end-users to bring about optimal user experiences.

Machine Learning

The system continuously gets smarter as the conversational interactions with end-users increase.

Ready-made Bot Frameworks

Simplify Bot developing process by pre-built templates in specific domains like Sales Bot or Customer Services Bot

Support Multi Languagues

Started out as the finest Vietnamese Conversation Interface, the product also supports English, Japanese and in the near future, Korean.

Value to customers

Flexible Deployment Model with Cost-Effective Pricing

The system can be deployed on public cloud, private cloud or on-premises as per customers’ request. Multiple pricing models are offered to match different business needs, ranging from free tier to pay-as-you-go.

Easy to Use

The comprehensive platform saves developers the hassle of developing conversational interfaces. The AI and Machine Learning algorithms are packaged into ready-to-use APIs and SDKs. FPT.AI is a fully managed service and users are free from the concerns of provisioning and managing resources.

NLP Engine that supports multiple languages

Our NLP scientists enable FPT.AI – Conversation to profoundly understand a variety of languages, English, Japanese and particularly Vietnamese, making the system suitable for business of different needs and markets.

Use cases

FPT.AI – Conversation offers businesses with a unique tool to essentially transform how to engage with customers, both commercially and internally

Conversational Commerce

Consumers are increasingly relying on messaging apps for all forms of communication, whether personal, business, or commerce. Subsequently, Messaging apps become a vital channel for commerce businesses to effectively reach out to customers.

FPT Retail is leveraging FPT.AI – Conversation for a sales/customer inquiry/complaint chatbot to connect with its millions of customers on Facebook Messenger.

Customer Support/Helpdesk

Addressing frequently asked questions or providing simple and timely information are perfect scenarios for a chatbot.

One of FPT’s customers in Singapore is aiming to build up an automated Internal IT Support on premise. FPT.AI – Conversation is used to enable the Helpdesk chatbot to resolve problems related to account issues. In case the issues are out of scope or users get trouble with the chatbot, they will be connected to the real helpdesk agent and for support.

The same technology are also applied for FPT’s customers for external systems: Banking Chatbot supporting customers in banking statements and account balance or Shipment Chatbot to update on delivery cost, ETA, service providers comparison and shipment tracking.


Chatbots can be used for contextual and repetitive tasks, esp in hotel booking and reservation. Concierge chatbots can also coordinate between multiple users.

FPT Software is working on a chatbot to serve as a hotel concierge to help users reserve hotel rooms based on Q&A of personal references: Location, Date, Room type, Price, Services, Foods…