ID Identification Solutions

Business digitization is currently an indispensable trend in the world. To digitalize successfully, businesses need to choose the right steps and apply the appropriate technologies. FPT.AI Vision helps businesses implement digitization of documents more easily, putting the first step on the path of digitizing business.

FPT.AI Vision helps applications and services to identify and accurately analyze content in images or text. The main functions of FPT.AI Vision are focused on automating Cognitive RPA processes for businesses, image recognition, form recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Therefore, the FPT.AI Vision helps the Government as well as enterprises digitize all the basic documents such as citizenship cards and driving licenses into a common form. FPT.AI Vision ensures shortening of processing procedures, reducing the number and simplifying, standardizing the contents of documents and reducing the time and cost of implementing administrative procedures.

Digitization of documents, especially the automation of the input process by extracting information from images or text helps to store, preserve and maintain the materials; improve the convenience of accessing and searching information, thereby save maximum human power for the management. FPT.AI Vision is the smart solution that helps businesses improve competitiveness, thereby increasing their profitability.

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