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Towards Task-Oriented Dialogue in Mixed Domains

by content 06.05.2021

Authors: Luong Chi Tho, Le Hong Phuong

Abstract: This work investigates the task-oriented dialogue problem in mixed-domain settings. We study the effect of alternating between different domains in sequences of dialogue turns using two related state-of-the-art dialogue systems. We first show that a specialized state tracking component in multiple domains plays an important role and gives better results than an end-to-end task-oriented dialogue system. We then propose a hybrid system which is able to improve the belief tracking accuracy of about 28% of average absolute point on a standard multi-domain dialogue dataset. These experimental results give some useful insights for improving our commercial chatbot platform FPT.AI, which is currently deployed for many practical chatbot applications.

Published in: International Conference of the Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics, 02 July 2020