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Strengthen security for FPT.AI account with 2-factor authentication

by content 06.08.2021

To set up 2-factor protection, please visit and follow the below instruction: 

Step 1: In the Account Security menu, click on Signing In: 


In the Two-Factor Authentication section, click on Set up Authenticator Application:


After clicking, your screen should look like this:


Step 2: Install Google Authenticator app on your mobile devices and scan the above QR code.

After that, enter One-time code (from app) and Device Name

Step 3: Click Submit and your screen should look like this: 


Step 4: Try visiting the system again, enter user and password, your screen will be like this: 


Setting up 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator with only 4 simple steps is very effective to help customers quickly detect suspicious activities and protect their accounts from unwarranted attacks/invasion.

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