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Muốn tăng 80% năng suất, tiết kiệm 60% chi phí, doanh nghiệp có thể tìm lời giải tại buổi tư vấn trực tuyến 3 gói giải pháp AI của FPT lúc 14h ngày 10/6.


Call center Quality management with Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent for Call center has revolutionized the operation and management process of traditional call centers that have existed for decades. Not only does it receive calls, respond and provide customer care, but it also helps businesses optimize quality assurance.


eKYC - The next wave of Banking & Finance in ASEAN

Vietnam also entered the race and stated to offer eKYC digital account opening. This is the first step in its roadmap to develop digital banking and increase the use of technology in banking and finance in the near future.


FPT.AI eKYC – solution for financial institutes

With the application of FPT.AI eKYC for online know-your-customer, FPT had successfully hosted its General Meeting of Shareholders in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, receiving positive feedbacks from participants regarding the new form of organization.


Instructions for FPT.AI Console

FPT.AI Console is an integrated management platform for programmers to build, manage and capture parameters of all FPT.AI services applied to each project. FPT.AI Console allows you to


Problems regarding FPT.AI Speech applications in automatic call centers

At the moment, Vietnam businesses generally utilize call centers to build professionalism in their customer care system. This is due to the need to develop the business and increase revenue, and frequent interactions between the business and their customers and partners play a crucial part in achieving that goal.


FPT.AI – A comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform

The platform that FPT is developing named FPT.AI has been providing key capabilities such as Natural Language Understanding, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, and the Knowledge Base. With the ambitious objective, FPT.AI aims to become a platform that can assist human in automating decision-making processes.


Practical applications of OCR

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is widely applied in many industries and fields and has quickly demonstrated its necessary role. In addition to actively supporting companies and businesses to digitize documents, OCR also contributes to simplifying many daily activities of people.

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