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Building free chatbots for customer service

“It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one”. And what is the fastest way to lose customers? Providing them a bad customer service experience.


The future of Chatbot for B2C businesses

Chatbot has become popular around the world. The chatbot market reached $2.6 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach $9.4 billion in 2024. Initially, chatbots can only answer basic questions from users. However, the development of AI and the integration of many features into chatbots allow them to perform various tasks at higher levels, helping to improve customer experience in the era of technology.


Sales chatbots on online platforms

Chatbots are increasingly popular and showing their necessity in the customer service industry, connecting customers with businesses in the online environment. Chatbots are used in a wide range of industries, especially chatbots in e-commerce, which have been making impressive transformations in both sales and long-term customer satisfaction.


Banking industry changes business activities to overcome Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 pandemic is a health crisis, as well as a shock to the global economy. In that situation, banks have to change business activities to strongly go through the difficult period.


AI - the “remedy” for the exhaustion of customer service in 2020

In 2020, the world witnesses AI accelerating drastically and playing an important role as a powerful assistant to support the safety of humans in the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Many automation solutions have been implemented in customer service, ensuring a smooth operation as well as the health of employees.


"Lead nurturing" tactics with chatbot

Taking customers to chatbots to experience and access products/services is simple, but to nurture customers and impress them needs the attention and consideration of businesses.


Legal chatbot - "smart virtual lawyer" in the legal industry

Smart chatbot solution has been widespread in all key economic sectors, including the Legal industry. The existence of legal chatbots marks the beginning of an intelligent and reliable model of legal support service for a large number of clients.


Why financial - banking businesses need chatbots?

Finance - Banking is an industry with a huge customer base. To handle this enormous workload fast and conveniently, businesses in the Finance - banking sector have sharply applied science and technology to operations to simplified and automated work processes. Therefore, since chatbots were developed, they have quickly become popular as they bring benefits to businesses.


5 biggest mistakes many companies make with chatbots

Like other AI-powered solutions, chatbots have been an important tech trend. More and more businesses are using chatbots to interact with customers, automatically solve user problems and boost sales.


4 ways to increase sales with Facebook chatbots

In recent years, chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become smarter and more useful. Not only e-commerce businesses but small and medium enterprises (SME) are also using chatbots to boost sales.

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