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"Lead nurturing" tactics with chatbot

Taking customers to chatbots to experience and access products/services is simple, but to nurture customers and impress them needs the attention and consideration of businesses.


Legal chatbot - "smart virtual lawyer" in the legal industry

Smart chatbot solution has been widespread in all key economic sectors, including the Legal industry. The existence of legal chatbots marks the beginning of an intelligent and reliable model of legal support service for a large number of clients.


Why financial - banking businesses need chatbots?

Finance - Banking is an industry with a huge customer base. To handle this enormous workload fast and conveniently, businesses in the Finance - banking sector have sharply applied science and technology to operations to simplified and automated work processes. Therefore, since chatbots were developed, they have quickly become popular as they bring benefits to businesses.


5 biggest mistakes many companies make with chatbots

Like other AI-powered solutions, chatbots have been an important tech trend. More and more businesses are using chatbots to interact with customers, automatically solve user problems and boost sales.


4 ways to increase sales with Facebook chatbots

In recent years, chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become smarter and more useful. Not only e-commerce businesses but small and medium enterprises (SME) are also using chatbots to boost sales.


3 strengths of sales chatbot

Technology will create obvious differences between businesses in the next few years since chatbot can change the purchasing experience completely. At this time, AI-powered chatbot not only helps companies take care of customers but also qualifies as a professional salesperson.


Ministry of Information and Communications held the launch ceremony of FPT.AI Artificial Intelligence platform

On Friday, October 30th, 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications held the launch ceremony of FPT.AI Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Platform. This is one of the events to introduce Make-in-Vietnam digital platforms, aiming to carry out "National digital transformation program until 2025, with a vision toward 2030" just approved by the Prime Minister.


Chatbot and its benefits in the Insurance industry

In the era of Industry 4.0, chatbot is a popular customer service tool in the Insurance sector. So how does chatbot benefit insurance buyers as well as insurance agents?


Why e-commerce platforms should have AI Chatbot?

A productive sales assistant can completely change the buying experience, especially when 24 million e-commerce platforms are competing in the market. However, not all businesses are alert enough to build a strong and smart tool for customer service called Virtual Assistant - AI Chatbot.


4 practical applications of Chatbot Marketing in Business

Chatbot marketing đã và đang được đánh giá cao như một công cụ marketing cực kỳ hiệu quả trong việc cải thiện tương tác với khách hàng và thắt chặt mối quan hệ giữa khách hàng và doanh nghiệp.

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