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Note down information after a consultation session on Livesupport

New feature Session info - helps counselors make notes of important information after a consultation session on Livesupport. This will certainly be one of the important and useful features for customer service teams.


5 things to know about chatbot's conversational interface

Chatbots have become popular all over the world with practical utility for both businesses and users. FPT.AI Conversation not only focuses on building superior features for chatbots but also pays special attention to the conversational interface between people and bots, to bring the best experience for users.


Chatbot – an anti-epidemic “weapon” on the online battlefield

Covid-19 occurred suddenly, and there is an outbreak worldwide. Besides mass media channels, chatbots are one of the modern tools used by many countries to quickly communicate to people in the online environment through popular chat platforms.


Store customer information with the new CRM Card

FPT.AI Conversation has launched CRM Card to quickly store customer data provided to chatbots on businesses' CRM systems, or extract customer information from CRM and save it in Variables of Scripts.


Chatbot: A powerful virtual assistant for businesses after COVID-19

Chatbot, having the ability to process up to 90% of transactions automatically and improve 60% of operational performance, is becoming a powerful assistant for businesses to overcome difficulties and have a breakthrough in the new normal.


Chatbots in Insurance industry

The insurance industry has witnessed the massive growth across the globe, despite the disruptions of COVID-19. Insurance companies have to be dynamic and innovative to provide excellent services that meet customers’ needs and expectations. Chatbot has emerged as a useful tool helping businesses to keep up with technology trends and gain competitive advantages.


7 Tips on building chatbots for your brand

The year 2020 witnessed chatbot’s win over businesses. According to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want to integrate chatbot into their business processes. Many businesses are looking for smart solutions to build and manage Chatbot in their models. Here’s a look at what to expect and how to take advantage of them.


How to connect API to customer data sources

Every business, from small stores to large-scaled enterprises, has its own customer data sources; and these sources have to be connected to chatbot to personalize and improve customer care. FPT.AI offers a smart chatbot built on FPT.AI Conversation, making this process much faster and easier for businesses.


Chatbot in Healthcare

With the advancements in healthcare facilities and devices, many hospitals and health-care centres have applied technology to operating procedures, in order to reduce strain on staff. Chatbot has become a "special assistant" providing advice and diagnoses, supporting hospitals in patient care.


Clicking Bot, NLP Bot – Which is the optimal choice for businesses?

Today, we can find multiple types of chatbot, each meeting a different business demand, and the most well-known among those are Clicking Bot and NLP Bot. So, which is the perfect solution for businesses?

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