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Upgrade new features of FPT.AI Conversation

Starting on March 10, 2020, FPT.AI Conversation will finish upgrading the Live support feature with many in-depth features for customer care team on both web interface and mobile application.


Building a chatbot from real experience with FPT.AI Conversation

In the recent years, FPT.AI chatbot has gained quite the popularity, becoming a reliable solution for many large businesses. Due to AI integration, FPT.AI chatbot can meet various demands from different businesses. Many companies and organizations are now building their chatbots with FPT.AI, in order to support and simplify customer service. So, how to start chatbot building with FPT.AI?


Voicebot in the world

An aspect of the competition is that companies must update new technology to become smart businesses if they want to grow and keep up with the times. In just the past few years, chatbots have exploded as a major leap forward in the technology market. From simply written conversations, the bot’s capabilities have now expanded to voice. Voicebot was born quickly by many companies and is applied to the customer service of the business.


5 essential roles of chatbot in marketing automation

Automation is the essential need of every businesses. Because businesses are always looking for new means of support to complete the job quickly and simply. In the online is no exception. The advent of chatbots has helped businesses automate customer care. In addition, chatbots also play many extremely important roles.


Chatbot applications built on FPT.AI Conversation platform

Chatbot is becoming more and more popular by day, playing an important role and acting as a useful assistant to businesses. At present, Chatbots are getting smarter and more efficient with the integration of AI, and companies are using AI in more different operational procedures. With outstanding advantages in comparison to existing competitions, Chatbots built using FPT.AI Conversation are the top choices of many large companies and organizations, always maintaining a spectacular performance in assisting businesses in customer care and nurturing.


3 steps to create chatbot for a script designer

Have you ever wondered how chatbots can understand intents in sentences and give the right answers to users? The answer is, behind every chatbot, there is one person, or a group of people called the bot script designer. These people are tasked with training bots for chatbot to understand user intent and be able to communicate with people.


Chatbot in e-commerce

The 4.0 technology revolution is taking place all over the world, opening up fierce competition in the internet market, especially in the field of e-commerce. This is a highly competitive field. In order to stand out from competitors, businesses must have good brand vision and strategy. One of them is pioneering the application of automation technology in the working process of enterprises. And Chatbot is an optimal choice.


Building a personality for Chatbot

Today, Chatbot is becoming more and more popular with many businesses and is also crucial in customer services. In fact, it can be considered the image of many companies. In building a chatbot, creating its personality is one of the most important steps in order for that chatbot to converse actively, flexibly, while providing good customer experiences. But how can we do this?


10 tips to creating the best Chatbot script with FPT.AI Conversation – Part 2

AI-integrated chatbots had sparked the interaction revolution between human and computers. With their ability to learn and imitate human interactions, as well as good scriptwriting, chatbots are becoming more and more natural and user-friendly. It is important to note that, for the best customer experience, scriptwriters should focus on naturalness, instead of complex functions.


AI Chatbots – For brilliant banking experiences

According to Gartner, 85% of customer interactions will happen via Chatbots by 2020, making this a high time for companies to take action. In order to gain a deep understanding of customer behaviors, habits, and backgrounds, big banks will utilize the power of AI and machine learning, with their ultimate aim being to provide suitable and in-time contents for promotions as well as great customer experience.

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