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12 reasons why your chatbot is ineffective

Chatbots are increasingly important in many marketing campaigns. Having outstanding advantages over competitors on the market, Chatbot built on FPT.AI Conversation platform is the choice of many companies and corporations.


Dispel 3 prejudices about chatbot

In the era of technology, chatbot is one of the most attractive platforms on the market, and chatbot applications are working in many sectors. If businesses deploy chatbot properly, it will be a powerful assistant that help to operate effectively and lead to outstanding growth.


New notification feature on Livesupport

Notification feature is an advantageous feature on Livesupport, helping the customer support team quickly understand the status of their conversations with users.


Categorize conversations on Livesupport

To categorize conversations more conveniently, FPT.AI Conversation adds Long Wait and Complain feature. Based on these criteria, supporters can identify which customers need priority.


Automatically assign supporter on Livesupport

For the profession and convenience of the customer service team, FPT.AI continuously introduces new features in the chatbot building platform, especially in Livesupport, which can meet the needs of customers.


AI - An indispensable tool on the digital battlefield

Modern customers want to buy not only products/services but experiences, understanding and personalization. Digital platforms with Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to provide businesses many useful solutions that meet these diverse needs of customers.


AI and Automated Customer Service in the digital age

As technology is rapidly developing in the Industry 4.0, many banks with abundant resources pioneers investment in automated and multi-channel customer service. Two of the most popular AI solutions used in banks around the world are Chatbot and Voicebot.


Broadcast feature - How personalized messages support marketing

The broadcast feature allows bot admin to send notifications to a group of customers who have the same interest, instead of sending them to all customers.


4 things AI will change in the future of business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the business sector, from marketing communications to customer service, database management... Business visions of applying AI to operational process will determine business's future over the next five years.


Chatbot contributes to business development

Technology will create a clear differentiation between businesses in the next few years. With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) explosion, enterprises can gain strong competitive advantages from the application of advanced technology solutions in the operational process. Among them, the most popular AI solution in the world is chatbot.

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