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Insurance: Optimize customer experience by chatbot

Insurance Technology (Insurtech) is rapidly changing user behavior. Many large insurance companies are pioneering the application of automatic customer care solutions with AI chatbot and initially bring positive experiences to customers.


Why marketing and sales need chatbot?

The integration of smart chatbot and messaging apps is essential to improve competitive advantages in customer service for businesses.


AI-powered Agent starts a new commercial trend

According to 51% of experts on Citrix's survey, by 2035, technologies like Virtual Agent and Augmented Reality will boost productivity by 200%. One can say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been creeping into all aspects of life to serve humans and effectively support business activities.


Email Card - Automated email to supporter

Customer service agents cannot be available 24/7 like chatbot, but chatbot may need support from humans in some situations. Email Card is a new feature that allows chatbot to automatically send emails to human supporters, so they can quickly capture the problem and handle it.


AI Chatbot - The "Hinge" connecting customers to business

A report by Saleforce in 2019 indicates that 69% of consumers prefer chatbot for expeditious communication with brands. The pioneers in the digital race are Finance - Banking institutions with many Artificial Intelligence solutions in operation, and AI chatbot is one of the most vital ones for customer relationship management and building.


Chatbot and Voicebot: The new generation of smart interactive tools

Hundreds of AI solutions are applied in business operations, especially Chatbot and Voicebot. They are the new generation of intelligent interactive tools, promising to create breakthroughs in the field of customer service.


AI and breakthrough solutions in the Insurance industry

Industry 4.0 brings the Insurance sector a new driving force: Insurtech with Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. The development of these technologies creates solutions to optimize business processes, making the integration with technology at the forefront of the insurance industry to cut down ineffective procedures.


Chatbot in education – An useful "Virtual Teaching Assistant"

Chatbot is increasingly popular and appearing in various fields, including education. Chatbot accompanies teachers, effectively supports the teaching process, provides a modern and advantageous educational tool that students in the young generation deserve to experience.


Dispel 3 prejudices about chatbot

In the era of technology, chatbot is one of the most attractive platforms on the market, and chatbot applications are working in many sectors. If businesses deploy chatbot properly, it will be a powerful assistant that help to operate effectively and lead to outstanding growth.


Broadcast feature - How personalized messages support marketing

The broadcast feature allows bot admin to send notifications to a group of customers who have the same interest, instead of sending them to all customers.

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