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4 practical applications of Chatbot Marketing in Business

Chatbot marketing đã và đang được đánh giá cao như một công cụ marketing cực kỳ hiệu quả trong việc cải thiện tương tác với khách hàng và thắt chặt mối quan hệ giữa khách hàng và doanh nghiệp.


4 ways chatbot can improve customer experience in Banking and Finance

In the finance - banking industry, chatbot can enhance customer experience when allowing customers to carry out many actions directly through the conversations with it.


Set up chatbot to automatically inbox when customers comment on Facebook Fan Page

According to Facebook’s statistics, Facebook Messenger has 1,3 billion users around the world at this time. Therefore, taking care of customers on Facebook is crucial because anywhere users visit can be a marketplace. Many features have been developed to support chatbot to meet the needs of businesses, including the one to automatically inbox when customers comment on Facebook Fan Page.


Practical applications of OCR in Insurance

The insurance industry has a large amount of customer information and requires a high standard of data management. However, many insurance companies are still using the traditional system to manage information with the manual data entry method. Insurtech (Insurance Technology) is a wind of change in the approach to insurance business models, especially with Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR).


6 reasons why e-commerce companies need chatbot – Part 1

Chatbot can completely change the buying experience. E-Commerce companies can have a friendly and enthusiastic employee that understands clearly about potential customers in the sales funnel, and that is chatbot – the essential “virtual employee” for every business.


6 reasons why e-commerce companies need chatbot – Part 2

Besides multi-channel marketing strategy, automatic customer engagement and post-purchase experience enhancement, chatbot also shows its value in many other aspects that are in demand of any e-commerce businesses.


DOS and DON’TS in building a Chatbot for business

Many companies are using chatbot as an automated customer service tool. While having advanced technologies, many chatbots cannot fully reach their potentials because of weaknesses in scenario creation.


How Chatbot will help businesses save money?

Chatbot is a popular solution to automate customer service. Enterprises can leverage it to maintain professional communication with customers, as well as reducing costs, saving money and boosting sales.


Tag Topic feature - Optimize customer management with topics

Tag Topics feature allows admin to group intents by topic, helping supporters to capture the most popular topics among customers or send personalized notifications about their interest.


Email Card - Automated email to supporter

Customer service agents cannot be available 24/7 like chatbot, but chatbot may need support from humans in some situations. Email Card is a new feature that allows chatbot to automatically send emails to human supporters, so they can quickly capture the problem and handle it.

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