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The development of chatbots in banking

Finance, banking institutions around the world are piloting many new applications to improve customer experience in the digital age. With the increasingly high expectation of users, the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots in banking is becoming popular.


AI-powered chatbot vs the previous generations: What is the difference?

Improving constantly and enhancing the quality of customer service for every business to ensure sustainable development, AI-powered chatbots are quickly adopted in customer service by many businesses to provide customers with real-time support, thereby building brand trust. So how are AI-powered chatbots superior to the previous generations.


How Can AI-powered Chatbots Benefit The Financial Industry?

Chatbots are considered as one of the most impactful technology solutions to the future of finance - banking since it plays an important role in supporting customers automatically 24/7, streamlining the interaction between users and financial - banking companies, minimizing human involvement.


Chatbots and their adoption in Financial services

Chatbots are used in many different sectors, especially in Financial, Banking, Insurance services, etc. Chatbots were used to support customers and perform self-service during 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. So, in each sector, which tasks are chatbots undertaking in particular?


10 interesting chatbots in banking

More and more banks are adopting AI-powered chatbots in their operations to reduce costs and serve young customers - who know and love technology. Chatbots are developed to conduct two-way communication, replace traditional channels like phones, emails or documents to provide services and support transactions quickly.


The chatbot market in 2021: Statistics and trends

Modern users are increasingly looking for 24/24 service to get the fastest support in all daily life activities, from Banking, Finance to Healthcare industry. Because of this need, chatbots powered by Artificial intelligence are becoming popular and chosen by many businesses around the world to solve problems in customer service, especially in the complex situation of Covid-19 pandemic.


5 tips for building chatbots in 2021

Along with the era of messaging apps, chatbots that support customers were born. Chatbots built on Artificial intelligence can communicate with humans via text, helping automate many customer service tasks.


Breakthrough opportunity for Chatbot in the future

During the double crisis of health and economy, businesses are forced to enhance customer service quality. This is a challenge for businesses, but also an opportunity for chatbot to show its ability and shine.


7 potential benefits of Chatbot for SEO

Businesses may all know what the popular uses of chatbots in customer service are. But business owners and marketers do not know that chatbots help improve SEO, increase advertising performance on digital channels, retain customers longer, etc.


3 trends of combining Chatbot and Marketing in 2021

2020 is a year full of surprises. Although there will always be factors beyond our control, if the contingency plans are well prepared, the year 2021 could be a booming year. When it comes to business development, the standardization of the new year starts with the trends of combining chatbot and marketing in 2021.

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