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AI Technology - The key to breakthroughs of banks in the digital age

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a trend while the industrial revolution 4.0 is occurring powerfully around the globe. Not only economic sectors but the Government, non-government organizations are also adopting AI to digital transformation. Especially in the banking industry, most banks determine that AI-powered banking will be the technology driving strong growth in the next decades.


Reduce 70% of data entry costs with FPT.AI Reader Flex solution

The solution to digitize documents FPT.AI Reader Flex can recognize and automatically extract data from thousands of documents in any form within a few seconds. Thus, it helps businesses to save time, money, free up employees from boring, repetitive and time-consuming tasks to focus more on valuable duties.


Launching FPT.AI Reader Flex - The next level of digitizing documents

In FPT Corporation's largest tech event - FPT Techday 2021, FPT Smart Cloud showcased new-generation FPT.AI Reader Flex. It is considered the unlimited, flexible and smartest platform for document extraction and digitization in Vietnam's market today.


eKYC – The golden key for Digital bank

Over the past few years, the world has witnessed the development of eKYC in all economic activities, especially in the banking industry. Online customer identification - eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) - is said to be the first brick for the digital transformation process of banks.


Digitize documents with OCR - The leverage of business during Covid-19

Traditional models have become a burden for businesses, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic. In this situation, accelerating digitalization is needed to avoid being left behind in the digital transformation trend, and digitizing documents by OCR technology is one of the best tools to solve productivity problems in the pandemic.


The trend of OCR application in Vietnam’s insurance industry

More and more insurance companies in Vietnam are interested in investing in technology development and application. Insurtech is gradually changing the way this industry operates. Especially, the application of OCR technology to the insurance business model is bringing about convenience and optimization to both businesses and customer.


Banking: AI Technology Is Shaping The Future

According to experts, the explosion of AI in banking around the globe is expected to create $1 trillion in annual value. The development of AI drives the banking industry to transform powerfully, enhancing experiences for new generations of customers in the 4.0 era.


Extract information from images automatically with APIs of FPT.AI

This article is a detailed instruction on how to connect API OCR by NodeJs. Through connecting APIs, you can build the process of extracting identity information automatically for personal credit card/account opening in such industries as telecom, finance, banking, etc.


Enhance business process with OCR

OCR technology has a great impact on how modern businesses operate in document, licence and invoice processing. Whether it is banking, retail or customer identification, OCR delivers outstanding results, completely making paper work as simple as pie.


4 reason for automated invoice processing

Invoice processing is an important, regular process and often requires a large amount of time and resources. Before the wave of business digitalization, many enterprises have chosen OCR solution, simplified invoice processing to optimize productivity and improve the efficiency of business models.

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