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Finance and Banking: What is the best eKYC solution?

eKYC solution was born and laid the first stone of building digital banks, automating the operation of banks and financial institutes.


How to install conversation rating feature for bots

When managing and using a chatbot as a powerful "assistant" in the field of customer service, businesses often have a concern: How to measure the effectiveness of bots? How to know if users are satisfied with bot’s consultation or not?


Note down information after a consultation session on Livesupport

New feature Session info - helps counselors make notes of important information after a consultation session on Livesupport. This will certainly be one of the important and useful features for customer service teams.


A Comparison of Traditional and Online Customer Identification Process

Many banks and financial institutions recognize the urgency of building a quick, convenient and seamless onboarding process. The electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) was born, becoming the optimal solution for many businesses.


FPT.AI eKYC – solution for financial institutes

With the application of FPT.AI eKYC for online know-your-customer, FPT had successfully hosted its General Meeting of Shareholders in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, receiving positive feedbacks from participants regarding the new form of organization.


Upgrade new features of FPT.AI Conversation

Starting on March 10, 2020, FPT.AI Conversation will finish upgrading the Live support feature with many in-depth features for customer care team on both web interface and mobile application.


Problems regarding FPT.AI Speech applications in automatic call centers

At the moment, Vietnam businesses generally utilize call centers to build professionalism in their customer care system. This is due to the need to develop the business and increase revenue, and frequent interactions between the business and their customers and partners play a crucial part in achieving that goal.


FPT.AI – A comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform

The platform that FPT is developing named FPT.AI has been providing key capabilities such as Natural Language Understanding, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, and the Knowledge Base. With the ambitious objective, FPT.AI aims to become a platform that can assist human in automating decision-making processes.


FPT.AI participates in Tech Award 2018

On January 9, 2019, FPT.AI artificial intelligence product will be present at the Smart Space Exhibition at the Tech Award 2018 held at White...


FPT.AI updates chatbot platform - FPT.AI Conversation with outstanding features

Within the product development roadmap to create a complete chatbot building platform, maximally serving the needs of customers, FPT.AI has updated the chatbot building platform version 3 – FPT.AI Conversation with more advanced features.

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