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Apply OCR in the race to digitalization

Manual jobs are experiencing the automation trend, posing an urgent challenge for every business in Industry 4.0. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a powerful tool in this situation to continuously and comprehensively keep up with the digital transformation.


AI and breakthrough solutions in the Insurance industry

Industry 4.0 brings the Insurance sector a new driving force: Insurtech with Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. The development of these technologies creates solutions to optimize business processes, making the integration with technology at the forefront of the insurance industry to cut down ineffective procedures.


4 things AI will change in the future of business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the business sector, from marketing communications to customer service, database management... Business visions of applying AI to operational process will determine business's future over the next five years.


The potential of AI applications in the future

IDC forecasts that spending on AI solutions will increase to $97.9 billion by 2023, twice as much as the expense in 2019. 73% of CEOs believe AI is vital to their business currently.


AI helps businesses withstand the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many business activities. Some sectors such as tourism and aviation have difficulty due to a sharp drop in demand when the Retail, Finance - Banking industry, etc. have a concern about a completely different problem. These enterprises have to flexibly change their operation to meet the increasing needs of customers, especially in the online environment.


OCR - The stable stepping stone to the digital transformation race

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a tool to automate inputting data and digitize documents, especially identity documents. OCR can quickly convert paper-based documentation into digital one on computers, making it easier than ever to store and find information.


OCR - Speed up the digital transformation

OCR is increasingly popular in the world and becomes an effective tool widely used in many fields to have high productivity, save time, and optimize human resources of enterprises.


AI - The technology that helps defeat the global economic impact of the pandemic

AI-powered technology solutions allow many contactless activities. Especially in the recession, AI is an outstanding technology, promising to help eliminate the influence of this pandemic on the global economy.


eKYC - The first "brick" of digital banking

While Internet banking only allows customers to carry out some simple actions such as payment, money transfer, account balance inquiry, etc. digital banks can provide many other online services such as bill payment, credit, online savings, etc.


Why is eKYC essential in the banking industry?

One of the top criteria for banks to retain customers is to improve service quality and solve all their problems in the most convenient and simple way. eKYC was born and quickly applied in the customer identification process to create great customer experiences.

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