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OCR - The stable stepping stone to the digital transformation race

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a tool to automate inputting data and digitize documents, especially identity documents. OCR can quickly convert paper-based documentation into digital one on computers, making it easier than ever to store and find information.


OCR - Speed up the digital transformation

OCR is increasingly popular in the world and becomes an effective tool widely used in many fields to have high productivity, save time, and optimize human resources of enterprises.


AI - The technology that helps defeat the global economic impact of the pandemic

AI-powered technology solutions allow many contactless activities. Especially in the recession, AI is an outstanding technology, promising to help eliminate the influence of this pandemic on the global economy.


eKYC - The first "brick" of digital banking

While Internet banking only allows customers to carry out some simple actions such as payment, money transfer, account balance inquiry, etc. digital banks can provide many other online services such as bill payment, credit, online savings, etc.


Why is eKYC essential in the banking industry?

One of the top criteria for banks to retain customers is to improve service quality and solve all their problems in the most convenient and simple way. eKYC was born and quickly applied in the customer identification process to create great customer experiences.


Facial recognition market is expected to reach $ 22.7 billion by 2027

The Covid-19 pandemic inadvertently opened up a chance for technology companies to develop many biometric solutions and disseminate them in people's daily lives. Besides fingerprint identification, facial recognition technology is attracting the attention and investment of many large companies and corporations around the world.


AI and RPA create new standards for businesses

Mr. Varun Mittal, EY senior leader, considers AI and RPA as two outstanding tools for businesses to optimize operations and improve customer experience.


How eKYC is done in the onboarding process

Many banks around the world and in Vietnam have implemented eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) in the onboarding process to quickly verify the identities of customers and create a good impression on their customer service.


Finance and Banking: What is the best eKYC solution?

eKYC solution was born and laid the first stone of building digital banks, automating the operation of banks and financial institutes.


The development of OCR in the banking sector

OCR optical character recognition technology has been around since the 90s of the last century and has quickly been widely used in many important areas all over the world. The bank is one of the industries that uses OCR automation technology the most today. The use of OCR in banks has created a revolutionary digitalization that takes place at a fast and large scale, reducing the load of a large amount of administrative work.

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