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On the effect of the label bias problem in part-of-speech tagging

Authors: Phuong Le-Hong; Xuan-Hieu Phan; The-Trung Tran
Published: 10-13 Nov. 2013


A BERT-based Hierarchical Model for Vietnamese Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

Authors: V. T. Bui O. T. Tran
Published in: 2020 12th International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE)


Improving Sequence Tagging for Vietnamese Text Using Transformer-based Neural Models

Authors: Viet Bui The, Oanh Tran Thi, Phuong Le-Hong
Published: 6/29/2020


An End-to-end Vietnamese Identification Card Detection and Recognition in Images

Authors: Hoang Danh Liem; Nguyen Duc Minh; Nguyen Bao Trung; Hoang Tien Duc; Pham Hoang Hiep; Doan Viet Dung; Dang Hoang Vu
Published: 23-24 Nov 2018


Neural Text Normalization in Speech-to-Text Systems with Rich Features

Authors: Oanh Thi Tran, Viet The Bui
Published: 11 Jan 2021


Cross-lingual Extended Named Entity Classification of Wikipedia Articles

Authors: The Viet Bui, Phuong Le-Hong
Published: 10/7/2020