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Applying speech synthesis and deep learning technology, FPT.AI Text to Speech (TTS) service enables developers to synthesize natural-sounding speech with a wide range of voice (male, female) and accents (Northern, Middle and Southern accent). The service is accessible in the form of APIs that is able to integrate easily with any system, across many applications and devices.

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Why FPT.AI Text To Speech

Natural voice with regional diversity

FPT.AI TTS service provides natural voice response, automatic pause when reading long sentences, combined with expression. The product is developed exclusively for the Vietnamese market, based on the specialized voice research of each region in Vietnam. We currently provide over 7 different voices from different regions in Vietnam.

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Easy connection

You can send the text you want to convert to FPT.AI’s API or directly convert text into audio file on website and download as popular formats MP3, WAV,… You have access to the service without signing any contract.

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Quick Response

FPT.AI's APIs can respond quickly to all customer requests and scale to meet the demand for unexpected system loads.

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