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Leveraging cutting-edge technologies i.e. Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis and Natural Language Processing, FPT.AI provides smart voicebot solution for Call Center to enable automated conversations between organizations and customers in Vietnamese language including inbound calling, outbound calling and hybrid solution following defined scripts.

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Why FPT AI Engage?

Intelligence Automation

Virtual agent keeps your call center open 24/7 so customers never have to wait. It is able to communicate with more customers and prospects in a shorter amount of time while eliminating the time spent on missed calls or hang-ups.

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Human-like conversation

FPT.AI virtual agent understands your customers’ true intent immediately to give the most appropriate answer and speak with your customers in a warm, natural voice.

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Reduced costs and improved customer service

By handling repetitive tasks, FPT.AI virtual agent helps businesses dramatically cut customer service costs. Unlike traditional IVRs, FPT.AI virtual agent gives answer with no delays, enables fluent conversations and solves customer problems in real time, providing consistent customer service experience, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

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