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By applying Optical Characteristic Recognition (OCR) on the base of Deep learning technology, FPT AI Read enables the identification of ID documents (i.e. National ID card, Driver’s License and Passport) and content extraction from images of various forms/bills (i.e. electric, water and retail bills, etc.) and printed documents. FPT AI Read is the ultimate tool for business to accelerate document processing and digitalization.

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Why FPT AI Read?

State-of-the-art accuracy

FPT AI Read currently leads the market in Vietnamese text recognition quality. Thus, our clients enjoy greatly reduced costs for manual data correction in their CRM or data management system.

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Customer experience enhancement

Faster, painless registration and identification processes contribute to a smooth customer experience and reduce drop-off rate.

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Scalability and cost reduction

By reducing both labor cost and time on data entry, our clients can improve their operational efficiency and achieve flexible scaling at the same time. There is no need to maintain an oversized workforce when peak loads can be handled by system expansion on demand.

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Seamless integration into any system

Using APIs, FPT AI Read can be integrated into any business system in minimal time.

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Let’s discover how FPT AI Read accelerate your business digitalization