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FPT AI Chat provides a platform to create and manage chatbots with a user interface. Covering from natural language processing to dialog management, the system offers a complete bot solution that can integrate with and communicate on various platforms, automating conversations, bringing more sales leads, scaling operations while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Why FPT AI Chat?

Natural Conversation

Equipped with the best Vietnamese Natural Language Processing technology in the market, FPT AI Chat can understand users’ intents, respond with the most relevant answers and become smarter over training time. The dialog management module allows chatbot to follow multiple topics of conversation at the same time, tracking every step of the customers, thus be able to understand and interact with customers in a friendly, natural way.

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A perfect tool for Sales, Marketing and Customer Support

With an FPT AI Chat, you can easily build flows of conversations with your customers through their journey with your products/services and automatically broadcast them updated promotional programs.

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Omnichannel deployment

Chatbot built on Conversational AI platform is able to be deployed on various channels (web-chat, email, SMS, or an application) via cross-platform (Facebook, Zalo, Viber, etc.)

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Empowering customer service

FPT AI Chat is 24/7 available to support your customers anywhere/anytime. It also controls the flow of each conversation, transfers chats to agents when needed, assuring excellent user experience.

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Compatibility and Scalability

FPT AI Chat can integrate with your business system through APIs with minimal effort. Our cloud-based platform allows flexible scalability which processes several thousand customer intents at the same time.

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