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Upgrade customer service solutions for the insurance industry with Knowledge Base technology

Smart virtual assistants are one of the advanced solutions being applied by the insurance industry to the customer support process, in order to bring interesting experiences to customers and free up the consulting team from hundreds of thousands of repetitive tasks every day. Not only equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the new generation Virtual Assistant is also integrated with Knowledge Base technology, which is considered a remarkable step forward that helps Virtual Assistants improve knowledge and support humans in a smarter way with an endless store of knowledge.


Monitor and controler relationship between humans and machine

Most Machine Learning models are based on data standardized by humans. But that's not all interaction between humans and machines. The most powerful systems even allow humans and machines to interact closely and continuously.


Voicebot Solution FPT AI Engage In Top 5 AI Awards 2022

Overcoming nearly 100 competitors, FPT AI Engage solution - a smart virtual agent for call centers with the ability to perform two-way interaction was honored as the best product/solution in the final round of AI Awards 2022 at AI4VN 2022.

Call Center 21.09.2022
Call Center

FPT AI Engage solution by FPT Smart Cloud was honored at Asian Technology Excellence Award 2022

Hanoi, September 6 2022, FPT Smart Cloud (a subsidiary of FPT Corporation) was honored by the prestigious international award - Asian Technology Excellence Awards - in the category of Artificial Intelligence Technology, with the solution FPT AI Engage – The leading AI virtual assistant for businesses.


Youngsters Love Experiences With AI Voice Banking

AI Voice Banking is an interesting technology that many large banks are implementing to attract young tech-savvy customers.


FPT.AI at DXTalks: “Enhance customer experience on omnichannel”

On July 29, 2022, Ms.Vu Hai Yen – Director of FPT.AI Conversation Product Centre, attended DxTalks EP05 about the topic “Enhance customer experience on omnichannel”.


Control conversation quality on a large scale with FPT.AI Engage solution

Every month, call centers have to make millions of customer service calls. How to create statistics and assess the quality of those calls? FPT AI Enhance - a solution to manage conversation quality - was developed, being a powerful supporter of call centers to effectively and optimally control call quality on a large scale.


Voice-based Transactions – The Inevitable Trend of Digital Banking

In tune with the hustle and bustle of the modern world, "smartphone citizens" now prefer using voice commands to typing or other cumbersome operations. With that trend, FPT.AI has launched an AI Voice Banking solution, allowing users to make voice-based transactions and payments via banking apps.

Conversation 23.08.2022

Chatbot Nira – The Diligent "Virtual Employee" of NCB Bank

With the priority of convenient services for customers, National Citizen Bank - NCB is one of the first banks to deploy a chatbot since 2019, aiming to automate customer support services on multichannel. Up to now, NCB's chatbot Nira has been regularly supported in the automatic processing of more than 50% of customer requests per month.

Reader 25.07.2022

3 criteria for a fitting eKYC solution

According to J.D.Power, the number of account openings via banking websites or mobile apps increased by 50% from 2019-2020. Facing the explosion of online account opening,  finance-banking organizations have urgently implemented electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC). 

Here are the 3 most important criteria that help businesses to choose the right eKYC solution.