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FPT named a Major Player in IDC MarketScape: Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) Smart Virtual Assistants 2023 Vendor Assessment

FPT was recently named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) Smart Virtual Assistants 2023 Vendor Assessment (doc # AP50445523, December 2023)


FPT Smart Cloud partners with Home Credit Indonesia to revolutionise financial services through AI solutions

The all-encompassing partnership between FPT Smart Cloud and Home Credit Indonesia heralds a new era of innovation in the financial services industry, leveraging advanced capabilities of FPT.AI solutions to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

Conversation 30.03.2023

FPT Smart Cloud partners with Vietcombank to successfully initiate AI Virtual Assistant – VCB Digibot

In the digital transformation journey, Vietcombank defines the strategic prerequisite to pioneer in technology implementation to optimize the digital experience for its customers. The AI virtual assistant, VCB Digibot, developed on the FPT.AI platform, is the missing piece to perfect the comprehensive outlook of digital transformation for Vietcombank.

Call Center 30.03.2023
Call Center

Introduce the AI Contact Center Enhancement solution – FPT AI Enhance

Each month, the contact center processes an enormous number of conversations with customers, tangling many quality control concerns. The FPT AI Enhance solution has been developed to assist businesses in managing calls via the contact center on a large scale, powered by Artificial Intelligence.


TPBank – The pioneer in comprehensive personalization of customer experience with FPT.AI

Understanding and personalizing user experience is TPBank's focus of attention, thus the company always pioneers the application of state-of-the-art technologies. FPT.AI is one of TPBank's strategic partners, providing various advanced digital finance solutions and helping the company launch many new products and services to build a digital bank with optimal convenience for customers.


FPT Smart Cloud and the Institute of Information Technology signed an agreement to promote training and research in AI technology

On December 10 2022, at the Investment Promotion 2022 event, FPT Smart Cloud (FCI) and the Institute of Information Technology (ITI) of Hanoi National University officially signed a cooperation agreement to promote the training of high-quality human resources. This cooperation aims to improve the practicality in research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Call Center 15.02.2023
Call Center

New features of the Virutal Agent for Call Center FPT AI Engage

FPT.AI updates and integrates many useful features into AI-powered call centers to solve the problems each business is facing, thereby optimizing operations and reaching customers effectively.

Call Center 15.02.2023
Call Center

How large firms are making big leaps by AI adoption

Hundreds of customers are supported through messages or calls on multiple channels simultaneously, creating breakthroughs in quality and productivity. These are impressive leaps shared by large firms at the recent Techday 2022 event.

Call Center 14.02.2023
Call Center

FPT.AI White Paper: Operate An Intelligent Call Center with Conversational AI

FPT.AI published the white paper “Operate an intelligent call center with conversational AI" to support businesses in solving difficult challenges. With the call center model integrated with artificial intelligence, FPT.AI smart virtual agent enables businesses to make impressive leaps in their operations.


FPT.AI CarDamage – A step forward in the car insurance industry

Many industries are making the most of the power of AI including car insurance. The digital transformation journey of the car insurance industry in Vietnam has made outstanding steps forward with a remote damage assessment solution - FPT.AI CarDamage.