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Conversation 28.12.2021

Chatbots - Constructing A Distinct Direction for Vietnam's Insurtech Industry

An important approach to disrupt the traditional insurance industry is prioritizing digital and IT development. Grasping the future trends of the insurance industry, FPT.AI pioneers in providing FPT.AI Conversation solution - the leading chatbot building and management platform based on artificial Intelligence in Vietnam, proactively creating a seperate way for businesses in a dynamic insurtech market.


Digital Banking Race: Applying AI solutions to operating processes

AI in banking is developing, offering the potential to tackle more complex challenges while generating more positive ROI across business segments. How are AI solutions being applied to all business processes?

Conversation 28.12.2021

AI Chatbot helps businesses get closer to their customers

In the digital era, where customers' online shopping experience is priority, Chatbot is gradually becoming a tool applied by many businesses. This is an inevitable trend in e-commerce. Accompanying businesses on the way to conquering customers, FPT.AI's Chatbot is the market leading preeminent solution for customer care services.

Reader 28.12.2021

eKYC – The golden key for Digital bank

Over the past few years, the world has witnessed the development of eKYC in all economic activities, especially in the banking industry. Online customer identification - eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) - is said to be the first brick for the digital transformation process of banks.

Speech to Text 28.12.2021
Speech to Text

Vietnamese AI voice - New achievement of Vietnamese AI experts

The potential and diverse use cases of AI voices drive leading tech companies to create high-quality Vietnamese ones. Recently, FPT.AI has launched AceSound technology - a leap in AI voice synthesized from human natural language.

Text to Speech 28.12.2021
Text to Speech

FPT.AI enhances Virtual Agent for Call Center with Voice Technology AceSound

The boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has driven new technologies with breathtaking power, including voice synthesis technology used in call center operations. FPT.AI has launched a new generation of Vietnamese-based AI voice, which is outstanding in quality thanks to the most advanced voice tech today - AceSound.

Reader 28.12.2021

Digitize documents with OCR - The leverage of business during Covid-19

Traditional models have become a burden for businesses, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic. In this situation, accelerating digitalization is needed to avoid being left behind in the digital transformation trend, and digitizing documents by OCR technology is one of the best tools to solve productivity problems in the pandemic.

Conversation 28.12.2021

Easy way to create chatbot scenarios with Bot Builder

In order to provide a simpler chatbot creation tool, FPT.AI Conversation has launched Bot Builder feature, which helps users design scenarios for chatbot quickly, conveniently and effortlessly.

Reader 28.12.2021

Facial Recognition Technology in Banking

Facial recognition is increasingly popular, starting with its use case in Face ID on smartphones. Many banks have been taking advantage of its convenience and personalization when using it in a wide range of customer services.

Call Center 28.12.2021
Call Center

FPT.AI pioneers in AI-powered solutions for digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry

Boston Pharma has become the first pharma company to start digital transformation as it recently collaborated with FPT.AI, in order to implement Virtual Agent for Call Center in customer service, thereby impressively boosting productivity.