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Conversation 30.03.2023

FPT Smart Cloud partners with Vietcombank to successfully initiate AI Virtual Assistant – VCB Digibot

In the digital transformation journey, Vietcombank defines the strategic prerequisite to pioneer in technology implementation to optimize the digital experience for its customers. The AI virtual assistant, VCB Digibot, developed on the FPT.AI platform, is the missing piece to perfect the comprehensive outlook of digital transformation for Vietcombank.

Conversation 23.08.2022

Chatbot Nira – The Diligent "Virtual Employee" of NCB Bank

With the priority of convenient services for customers, National Citizen Bank - NCB is one of the first banks to deploy a chatbot since 2019, aiming to automate customer support services on multichannel. Up to now, NCB's chatbot Nira has been regularly supported in the automatic processing of more than 50% of customer requests per month.

Conversation 28.03.2022

Chatbot and its benefits in real estate

In a fiercely competitive market like real estate, businesses have to constantly innovate by adopting technologies. Below are 3 reasons why real estate companies should build a chatbot today.

Conversation 17.03.2022

Chatbot - A powerful assistant of tourism 4.0

In recent years, chatbots have been used in various industries, such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Education, etc. Not being bystanders, tourism companies also start using chatbots to maximize revenue and bring the best experiences to customers. So how have chatbots changed the face of the tourism sector?

Conversation 28.12.2021

Chatbots - Constructing A Distinct Direction for Vietnam's Insurtech Industry

An important approach to disrupt the traditional insurance industry is prioritizing digital and IT development. Grasping the future trends of the insurance industry, FPT.AI pioneers in providing FPT.AI Conversation solution - the leading chatbot building and management platform based on artificial Intelligence in Vietnam, proactively creating a seperate way for businesses in a dynamic insurtech market.