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Text to Speech 27.01.2021
Text to Speech

Super fast and free voice creator for movie review

Keeping up with the worldwide trend of technology development, FPT.AI has released many natural-sounding machine voices that become a trend in social media. Currently, on Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, etc., there is a rising trend of movie review using 5-7 minute clips. The special thing is that the video voiceover is made completely by a voice maker - the voice of FPT.AI’s Ban Mai.

Text to Speech 22.12.2020
Text to Speech

Use cases of natural speech in retail

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way consumers interact with brands. In particular, speech technology is becoming one of the factors that create differences in modern purchasing experience. Many retail businesses are building competitive advantages by applying natural speech technology to customer service.

Text to Speech 16.12.2020
Text to Speech

The trend of natural-sounding speech in daily life

Being equipped with the most advanced Speech synthesis, Natural language processing technology, FPT.AI Text to Speech solution has high-quality voices that are chosen and applied by many clients to a variety of fields in daily life, from reading online stories, newspapers, audiobooks to movie voiceover, etc.

Text to Speech 04.12.2020
Text to Speech

Instruction on how to use

Voicemaker is a platform allowing users to convert text to natural-sounding speech, with many specialized features, and convenience for editing and storage.

Text to Speech 30.10.2020
Text to Speech

Convert text into speech easily with FPT.AI Text to Speech

The fourth industrial revolution is slipping into every corner of our lives and gradually changing many business activities. Even the content creation, voice-over and publishing industry are experiencing a significant transformation of the production process with an advanced technology application - Text to Speech.