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Chatbots send voucher code to customers via API

With FPT.AI Conversation, chatbot script builders can take the initiative in designing the flow, to determine what time and data to interact with the system through JSON API card.


How AI-powered Virtual Agent renovates traditional call centers

Virtual Agent for Call Center is expected to handle 20% of customer service requests by 2022, saving time and reducing the pressure on consultants.


How AI creates competitive advantages for businesses

AI-powered Virtual Agent can help companies save 50% on operating costs and increase 40% performance compared to traditional tools.


Virtual Agent for Call Center – A breakthrough opportunity only if businesses can seize it

The call center is not only an essential part but also the heart of customer service. However, the traditional call center has many limitations that reduce business performance. A company has gone through this problem and found an effective method to deal with it.


4 reasons why Virtual Agent optimizes call centers of businesses

Call centers need advanced, modern "heavy weapons" to save costs, reduce human resources, and bring exciting experiences to retain customers. Here are 4 reasons why Virtual Agent helps businesses optimize call centers for customer service.


Which technology should businesses invest in to develop after Covid-19?

The fourth industrial revolution brings many opportunities for companies since Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technologies application can improve productivity and operations, especially in the difficult post-Covid-19 period.


How eKYC is done in the onboarding process

Many banks around the world and in Vietnam have implemented eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) in the onboarding process to quickly verify the identities of customers and create a good impression on their customer service.


Call center Quality management with Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent for Call center has revolutionized the operation and management process of traditional call centers that have existed for decades. Not only does it receive calls, respond and provide customer care, but it also helps businesses optimize quality assurance.


Optimize chatbots’ conversational interface with Webview feature

Besides the effort to build a comprehensive chatbot platform with many advanced technologies, FPT.AI team is constantly updating and adding new features and utilities. Therefore, Webview feature was born bringing a better experience to users when communicating with bots.


Banks are spending big on the Artificial Intelligence race

Banks are expending millions, even billions of dollars for AI to improve customer experience, optimize operations and create competitive advantages.

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