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Vision 09.07.2020

Finance and Banking: What is the best eKYC solution?

eKYC solution was born and laid the first stone of building digital banks, automating the operation of banks and financial institutes.

Vision 03.07.2020

A Comparison of Traditional and Online Customer Identification Process

Many banks and financial institutions recognize the urgency of building a quick, convenient and seamless onboarding process. The electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) was born, becoming the optimal solution for many businesses.

Vision 22.06.2020

Experience the complete customer verification process with FPT.AI eKYC

As part of the comprehensive solution provided by FPT.AI, the FPT.AI eKYC solution plays an important role and is a solid launcher for many businesses to start the digital transformation journey.

Vision 25.05.2020

eKYC - The next wave of Banking & Finance in ASEAN

Vietnam also entered the race and stated to offer eKYC digital account opening. This is the first step in its roadmap to develop digital banking and increase the use of technology in banking and finance in the near future.

Vision 21.05.2020

Decode concerns about eKYC

The adoption of eKYC process in business models improves customer onboarding, minimizes administrative tasks, saves time and optimizes security.