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Conversation 21.01.2021

Digitalize documents in just 1 second with FPT.AI Reader

FPT Smart Cloud, a subsidiary of FPT, has officially launched FPT.AI Reader - An application which can automatically recognize and extract text from photos, allowing users to easily extract diverse documents in vary industry groups, with the accuracy up to 98%.

Reader 21.01.2021

Extract information from images automatically with APIs of FPT.AI

This article is a detailed instruction on how to connect API OCR by NodeJs. Through connecting APIs, you can build the process of extracting identity information automatically for personal credit card/account opening in such industries as telecom, finance, banking, etc.

Reader 28.12.2020

Enhance business process with OCR

OCR technology has a great impact on how modern businesses operate in document, licence and invoice processing. Whether it is banking, retail or customer identification, OCR delivers outstanding results, completely making paper work as simple as pie.

Reader 16.12.2020

4 reason for automated invoice processing

Invoice processing is an important, regular process and often requires a large amount of time and resources. Before the wave of business digitalization, many enterprises have chosen OCR solution, simplified invoice processing to optimize productivity and improve the efficiency of business models.

Reader 11.11.2020

Digitize documents with AI in Finance sector

In the field of Finance - Banking - Insurance, many important processes are still being conducted on papers. However, large businesses have made some significant moves in digitization to prepare for breakthroughs and automation in the next few years by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.