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AI creates a breakthrough in productivity for Home Credit Vietnam

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center supports Home Credit Vietnam to make more than 2.000.000 calls per month, fulfilling more than 90% of customers' requests for loans and services.


SSI Securities Corporation automates front-line support with FPT.AI chatbot

Creating virtual agents with FPT.AI Conversation, SSI Security Corporation is able to automate customer service on website and Facebook page


Automatically notify customers about electrical incidents with FPT.AI Text to Speech

EVN CPC used FPT.AI Text to Speech to automatically respond questions about reasons for power cut, time-bound… via IVR switchboard, replacing hundreds of employees, available anytime and anywhere.


FPT.AI Vision digitalizes data entry for MB App and MB Family

MB Bank utilizes FPT.AI Vision for automatic extraction and storage of relevant information from the end-user’s national ID.


Sendo uses FPT.AI Conversation to elevate its customer service

Sendo uses virtual agents built on the FPT.AI Conversation platform to automate customer service on and the Facebook Fanpage


How FPT Shop maximizes sales and customer satisfaction through AI chatbot

Creating virtual agents with FPT.AI Conversation to facilitate sales and answer customer questions on website and the Facebook page

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