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Finance and Banking: What is the best eKYC solution?

eKYC solution was born and laid the first stone of building digital banks, automating the operation of banks and financial institutes.


How to install conversation rating feature for bots

When managing and using a chatbot as a powerful "assistant" in the field of customer service, businesses often have a concern: How to measure the effectiveness of bots? How to know if users are satisfied with bot’s consultation or not?


Note down information after a consultation session on Livesupport

New feature Session info - helps counselors make notes of important information after a consultation session on Livesupport. This will certainly be one of the important and useful features for customer service teams.


Virtual Agent for Call Center: A reliable bridge between customers and businesses

Artificial Intelligence was born leading to the emergence of a comprehensive and optimal solution for businesses, solving problems in customer service automatically. This solution is AI Virtual Agent for call centers.


5 things to know about chatbot's conversational interface

Chatbots have become popular all over the world with practical utility for both businesses and users. FPT.AI Conversation not only focuses on building superior features for chatbots but also pays special attention to the conversational interface between people and bots, to bring the best experience for users.


Chatbot – an anti-epidemic “weapon” on the online battlefield

Covid-19 occurred suddenly, and there is an outbreak worldwide. Besides mass media channels, chatbots are one of the modern tools used by many countries to quickly communicate to people in the online environment through popular chat platforms.


A Comparison of Traditional and Online Customer Identification Process

Many banks and financial institutions recognize the urgency of building a quick, convenient and seamless onboarding process. The electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) was born, becoming the optimal solution for many businesses.


Store customer information with the new CRM Card

FPT.AI Conversation has launched CRM Card to quickly store customer data provided to chatbots on businesses' CRM systems, or extract customer information from CRM and save it in Variables of Scripts.


Experience the complete customer verification process with FPT.AI eKYC

As part of the comprehensive solution provided by FPT.AI, the FPT.AI eKYC solution plays an important role and is a solid launcher for many businesses to start the digital transformation journey.


Chatbot: A powerful virtual assistant for businesses after COVID-19

Chatbot, having the ability to process up to 90% of transactions automatically and improve 60% of operational performance, is becoming a powerful assistant for businesses to overcome difficulties and have a breakthrough in the new normal.

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