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"Lead nurturing" tactics with chatbot

Taking customers to chatbots to experience and access products/services is simple, but to nurture customers and impress them needs the attention and consideration of businesses.


Why financial - banking businesses need chatbots?

Finance - Banking is an industry with a huge customer base. To handle this enormous workload fast and conveniently, businesses in the Finance - banking sector have sharply applied science and technology to operations to simplified and automated work processes. Therefore, since chatbots were developed, they have quickly become popular as they bring benefits to businesses.


6 features proving the ability of AI Virtual Agent in call centers

AI-powered Virtual Agent with natural voice helps customer service call centers boost productivity and save money. Moreover, with dialog management, AI Virtual Agent can provide call centers with statistics and assessment of call quality.


Virtual Agent for Call Center: The expectation of customer, the future of business

Most customers express that they have to wait too long to connect with call centers or to solve their problems. Along with the development of technology and mobile devices, customers tend to find answers online by themselves instead of contacting with call centers.


Dispel 3 prejudices about chatbot

In the era of technology, chatbot is one of the most attractive platforms on the market, and chatbot applications are working in many sectors. If businesses deploy chatbot properly, it will be a powerful assistant that help to operate effectively and lead to outstanding growth.


12 reasons why your chatbot is ineffective

Chatbots are increasingly important in many marketing campaigns. Having outstanding advantages over competitors on the market, Chatbot built on FPT.AI Conversation platform is the choice of many companies and corporations.


Chatbot contributes to business development

Technology will create a clear differentiation between businesses in the next few years. With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) explosion, enterprises can gain strong competitive advantages from the application of advanced technology solutions in the operational process. Among them, the most popular AI solution in the world is chatbot.


Automatically assign supporter on Livesupport

For the profession and convenience of the customer service team, FPT.AI continuously introduces new features in the chatbot building platform, especially in Livesupport, which can meet the needs of customers.


The future of OCR with AI

OCR was born in the 1990s as a great step forward in the digitalization of documents. However, OCR gradually became obsolete and revealed many limitations. In recent years, with Artificial Intelligence (AI), OCR has strongly revived and quickly appeared in a wide range of important fields around the world.


The potential of AI applications in the future

IDC forecasts that spending on AI solutions will increase to $97.9 billion by 2023, twice as much as the expense in 2019. 73% of CEOs believe AI is vital to their business currently.

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