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Call Center 06.07.2020
Call Center

Virtual Agent for Call Center: A reliable bridge between customers and businesses

Artificial Intelligence was born leading to the emergence of a comprehensive and optimal solution for businesses, solving problems in customer service automatically. This solution is AI Virtual Agent for call centers.

Call Center 19.06.2020
Call Center

Finance companies: 4 major problems and solutions for businesses’ breakthrough after Covid-19

Facing big changes due to the pandemic, finance businesses consider AI as a lifeline for recovery and development. Using Virtual Agent for Call Center, companies can increase up to 40% performance and reduce 50% cost.

Call Center 11.06.2020
Call Center

Finance and Banking: FPT.AI Virtual Agent led to a 40% boost in productivity

With the emerge of Virtual Agent, customers no longer hear the voice "Press 1 to lock the card" when contacting call centers for finance and banking services.

Call Center 10.06.2020
Call Center

Call center Quality management with Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent for Call center has revolutionized the operation and management process of traditional call centers that have existed for decades. Not only does it receive calls, respond and provide customer care, but it also helps businesses optimize quality assurance.

Call Center 27.05.2020
Call Center

Does digital banking need Virtual Agent for Call center?

The emerging of digital banking is transforming transactional process and customer’s behavior in services. As a crucial tool in this trend, Virtual Agent can handle many automated tasks, helping reduce employees’ workload and enhance customer experience.