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Call Center 06.03.2020
Call Center

Master the future with Virtual Agent for Call Center

Along with the modern science-technology flow that are constantly transforming the world, call centers are also joining the eventual trend of digital transformation. Under the development of Artificial Intelligence, call center’s AI virtual assistants are born, and are quickly becoming optimized solutions for businesses. With the unlimited potential that comes with AI, smart call centers will guarantee businesses with breakthroughs and mastery of their own future.

Call Center 18.12.2019
Call Center

Problems regarding FPT.AI Speech applications in automatic call centers

At the moment, Vietnam businesses generally utilize call centers to build professionalism in their customer care system. This is due to the need to develop the business and increase revenue, and frequent interactions between the business and their customers and partners play a crucial part in achieving that goal.

Call Center 10.11.2019
Call Center

FPT.AI participates in Tech Award 2018

On January 9, 2019, FPT.AI artificial intelligence product will be present at the Smart Space Exhibition at the Tech Award 2018 held at White...