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Call Center 31.03.2021
Call Center

Virtual Agent for Call Center and the transformation post Covid-19

Covid-19 is a health crisis, but it has shaken the global economy. Large businesses have quickly proposed many solutions to change this situation, especially adopting technology solutions to automate operational processes and minimize the involvement of humans. And AI-powered Virtual Agent is one of the outstanding solutions that many businesses choose to deploy.

Call Center 04.02.2021
Call Center

SeABank maintains customer service during Covid-19 with Virtual Agent for Call Center

Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of businesses, driven them to keep up with problems in services that their customers meet during social distancing. And SeABank is one of the first units in Vietnam’s banking system to deploy FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, providing seamless experiences to customers, ensuring continuous customer support activities when the Covid-19 situation is confusing.

Call Center 05.11.2020
Call Center

6 features proving the ability of AI Virtual Agent in call centers

AI-powered Virtual Agent with natural voice helps customer service call centers boost productivity and save money. Moreover, with dialog management, AI Virtual Agent can provide call centers with statistics and assessment of call quality.

Call Center 09.10.2020
Call Center

Virtual Agent for Call Center: The expectation of customer, the future of business

Most customers express that they have to wait too long to connect with call centers or to solve their problems. Along with the development of technology and mobile devices, customers tend to find answers online by themselves instead of contacting with call centers.

Call Center 08.10.2020
Call Center

Why automated call center is an inevitable trend?

With the development of Industry 4.0, automation appears all over the world, supports people to do everyday activities and many other jobs, including customer service. The automated call center gradually replacing bulky traditional ones will be unavoidable in the future.