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9 things of notice when create Chatbot content

January 10, 2020

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Here are 9 points to keep in mind to create more creative content for Chatbot of each business:

1. Zoning content

Chatbot content creators must know the content area based on user needs. This is not what your business thinks customers need but based on actual user situations.

Enterprises should prioritize content based on the opinions of reputable units, experts in customer service, as well as based on the actual statistics of the organization. You can use frequently asked questions of customers to make priority content when start creating Chatbot.

After that, businesses need to localize the selected main content. If the customer range is too large, you can divide customers into separate groups, and offer content for each specific customer group. The creator of Chatbot content must ensure that every content sent to customers brings value to them.


2. Put yourself in user’s shoes

When creating content for Chatbot, it is very important to understand users. Businesses should try to put themselves in the customer’s position to ask questions such as: What are their needs? Did they ask this question, how to answer? What are the answers they expect? If you are unsure about the answers to those questions, ask for opinions from outsiders, or do a real user survey.

Chatbot creators must understand how to communicate between users and Chatbot, because customers may have diverse regions, talk styles, education levels, slangs, …

Use simple but polite and professional language with customers. To do this well, those who create Chatbot content should consult with people who regularly communicate or send messages to users. They should communicate more with everyone in the team and users will help businesses better understand the level of customer satisfaction with Chatbot.


3. Build personality for Chatbot

Setting a personality for Chatbot will help content creators create scripts that are most user-friendly. Personality can include major features of the bot such as: name, age, and gender, what is it? How does it solve situations?

Content creators should experiment with a few different personalities with users. Not only does it help users have more diverse experiences, but it is also the best way for Chatbot to learn more about what customers expect before the official deployment.

4. Establish common content creation principles

Enterprises should set standards in creating general content soon, which will bring long-term benefits and impacts, ensuring consistency of the answers created. Even if later, your customer group grows larger, or the content creator is replaced, the information sent to the customer must be standardized based on the customer group, the personality of Chatbot, also the technical limitations of Chatbot.

Examples can be given such as spelling logic when using English (British English, British English, British Canadian or Australian English), or using numeric formats (1000 or 1,000 or 1,000).

If not uniform on the smallest criteria, Chatbot may cause confusion for users and take a long time to fix later.

5. Set up a detailed scenario

Many businesses appreciate the preeminent features of Chatbot, but forget an important factor that determines the performance of Chatbot, which is setting up the script for Chatbot.

They should try to act as a customer, experience the conversation to understand customers’ feelings, then take the time to plan content, set up detailed scenarios, help Chatbot creators to orient users more clearly and specifically.

6. Ensure a consistent spirit among content creators

When many people write scripts for a single Chatbot, content creators need to ensure consistency in all matters. In order to do this, they need to have a “brainstorming” to discuss the content of the script to be deployed. The practical collaboration between content creators plays a very important role in creating an effective, professional Chatbot script, and providing complete information to a variety of customers.

7. Train content creators

Because Chatbot is a specific technology product, different from normal consumer products, not all content writers know about Chatbot. Chatbot content creators are motivated and learned a lot by studying and practicing how to create bots.

Many companies recruit content creators from within the enterprise itself. This means, they are experts in the field of the company’s operations. This is a great advantage when creating content for Chatbot.

However, Chatbot content creators must regularly spend time talking to other field experts, listening to comments and feedback on the text they write from direct users, to draw lessons for later content.

8. Get feedback on content from experts

After remembering number 7, the next thing that Chatbot content creators need to keep in mind, is to combine feedback from experts, not just experts from decision-making units, but also experts in legal, communication and customer service. All this is to ensure the accuracy of the best content possible. This is why experts have to spend time participating in developing Chatbot content


9. Regularly study user logs

If you do all 8 things above, you can create a quality chatbot script before going into operation. However, to create attractive and close Chatbot scenarios for customers, Chatbot creators must regularly review chat logs of Chatbot with users. You may find that users use different words, different expressions or they expect a different answer from what the Chatbot has answered.

When you discover an error, you can change it immediately. This can happen anytime, especially during the day, when there are many users, you may find more errors. It is also the experience that you have accumulated, so that the content creators of Chatbot withdraw experience for the future.

The creators of Chatbot content should take the time to follow the conversations of Chatbot. This is also a great way for content creators to learn about the language that customers use. Moreover, it can bring new content areas where users are expecting answers, helping Chatbot creators to quickly update customer trends, to create more interesting scenarios.

The above are 9 extremely useful and necessary notes, helping bot creators set up Chatbot to operate effectively, increasing the user experience. A smart Chatbot not only provides the optimal solution for problems, but also talks to customers in an attractive way. Users often like lively, interesting interactions, and Chatbot creators must meet those expectations, to serve customers in the best way.


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