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How to convert text to speech using new interface of FPT.AI Voice Maker

January 29, 2022

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FPT.AI Voice Maker is the platform that allows users to automatically convert text to natural speech. FPT.AI Voice Maker is equipped with state-of-the-art Text to Speech technology, new-generation AceSound voices, and many advanced editing features. Users can easily customize and save their audio as mp3 files.

Below is the guideline on how to use Voice Maker.

To use this platform, you will need an FPT ID. Register at 
Then visit to create a Project, turn API Text to Speech on and Enable the project.


Next, visit or in Applications, choose Voicemaker to start using the text-to-speech app.


Set up features on


Voice Maker’s interface

1. Select a language

Voice Maker platform supports 2 languages, English and Vietnamese.

Click on the globe icon on the right corner to choose a language. 


2. Select a project

You need to choose a project to start.

       ?  If you already have a project, click on (1) to select a project. Choose one project you created at (2)

       ? If you have no project yet, you will need to create one. Click on Create new project (3). You will be forwarded to Each FPT ID can create up to 3 projects for free. .

FPT.AI Console is the platform to manage and synthesize statistics about all FPT.AI’s services. You can create a new project here. Then go back to to continue your project. To create smooth experiences for users, FPT.AI Voicemaker introduces a new and friendly interface, providing professional editing tools for easy text-to-speech conversion.


3. Add your text link

Paste a link of any website that needs to convert text to speech into URL box

Click Process, the system will analyze text on that website.


As a result, text on the website will appear on the editing interface. 




3. Thêm liên kết văn bản của bạn


4. Preview and choose a voice

Listen and choose a suitable voice on the top bar.


FPT.AI Text to Speech now has 13 voices with high quality, diversity in regions (North – Center – South), gender (Male/Female), meeting different needs and purposes of customers


Besides voices, you can adjust speed: tts

5. Customize text

After setting a voice with appropriate speed, you can edit text by using more specialized features to create a high-quality audio file as you want. 


Specialized editing features of Voice Maker

        5.1. Dictionary

With this dictionary, you can teach the machine to pronounce difficult words, foreign languages by transliterating them into Vietnamese.


For example, there is the proper noun HoSE in an article. It is a difficult word so the machine may pronounce it wrongly or poorly. You can transliterate it into Vietnamese, then click Add to teach the machine.

        5.2. Insert break time

All voices of FPT.AI Text to Speech have natural breaks like human voices. However, if you want the machine to pause somewhere for a longer time, you can insert break time with this feature.

Leave the cursor after the word you want to add a break time, click on Insert break time at cursor place, then adjust the break time to suit your needs by entering the time in the Break time box.


        5.3. Choose another voice

For the same text, you may need different voices for dialogues, or to highlight quotes. You can set up another voice by:

Highlight the passage that needs another voice, click on Choose another voice button, then select a voice and adjust speed. 



        5.4. Find and replace 

To find a word/a phrase, type it into the Search box and click Find. All places where that word/phrase appears will be highlighted.


You can replace it by entering another word into the Replace box.

       ?Click Replace to replace one by one

       ? Click Replace all to replace it in the whole texttts

In the above example, I replaced “FLC” by “DIG” and clicked Replace to change one by one.

To deselect the word/phrase you search (highlighted words), click Clear.

        5.5. Choose a voice and preview

To preview how the machine reads a word, a phrase or a passage, highlight that word/phrase/passage, choose a Voice, Speech and click play button to Preview.


        5.6. Undo and Redo

To undo an action, you can click on the Undo (1) button on the toolbar.

To redo an action, click on the Redo (2) button.

Besides, you can use shortcut keys Ctrl + Z to Undo and Ctrl + Y to Redo.


6. Download audio files

To download your audio, click Convert To MP3.


7. See history

To see your history, click on the History button.


You will see information about time, requests, status and audio links. You can download your previous files here, no need to convert the same text again


8. Buy more characters

FPT.AI Text to Speech gives you 100.000 characters/month for free. If you want to expand your limit and have a higher converting speed, you can buy paid packages by clicking on Buy more.


Click on the package you want, the system will redirect you to a payment portal to process your payment. 




? Experience other products of #FPT_AI at 

? Address: 7th floor, FPT Tower, 10 Pham Van Bach Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi///3rd floor Pijico Tower, 186 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 6 District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 1900 638399

? Email: [email protected]


8. Mua thêm nhân vật


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