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Human capital development at the forefront

Enrich employee capabilities and build a future-ready workforce with the power of AI

Background section

Reimagine workforce development and enterprises training solution

The comprehensive AI ecosystem allows enterprises to amplify human resource competency and elevating efficiency in order to create business breakthroughs and conquer customers

  • Interactive, modern approach
    Update new information and knowledge within 48 hours
    Diverse training formats include text, images, audio, and short videos
    Enable learning anytime, anywhere, on any device
    Apply advanced Adaptive Micro-learning method
  • Report System for All Levels
    Employees gain insights into their knowledge status, including strengths/weaknesses, ranking, with a personalized development plan
    Managers easily oversee the learning progress of the team and get recommendations for effective HR development strategies
  • Tailor training to each employee
    100% of employees will take daily, personalized quizzes based on their strengths and weaknesses
    Subsequent quizzes will focus on weak areas, combined with spaced repetition to maintain solid knowledge

The AI-powered solution to boost workforce capabilities for every business

FPT AI Mentor introduces a brand new approach for workforce training and development, powered by advanced AI technologies.
Background section

Built on advanced AI technologies

  • Generative AI

    FPT.AI is self-developed based on a large language model (LLM) platform.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Multilingual natural language processing including Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.

  • Knowledge Base

    Specialized knowledge base for each industry: Finance – Banking, Insurance, Retail, etc.