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Get started with FPT.AI

The All-in-One AI platform to innovate your business

We help you implement an enterprise-ready AI solutions from the ground up

Technology know-how in combination with domain expertise

Our team of Al and NLP experts have both depth and breadth of industry experience in designing and implementing multiple complex AI projects across enterprises.

Don't know where to start? We've got your back!

Our AI Lab model is set up to discover the potential use cases for AI adoption in the client’s business process. AI Lab offers in-depth consulting for businesses to embark on the AI journey with minimum resources.

Execution execellence with end-to-end support

Our experts bring years of experience in AI-powered solution implementations to ensure your project is delivered in the shortest possible time frame, yielding a shorter GTM and higher ROI

Background section

Our Project Deployment Process

Our team of Al and NLP experts have both comprehensive industry experience and execution experience with over 1000 successful projects. This ensures a successful implementation, regardless of how complex the use cases are. Below are a sample of project deployment process, which might take from 3 weeks to 3 months from Day 1 to Go-live Day.

Feeling excited? Reach out to our AI Solution Team for an in-depth consulting session!