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AI solutions for outstanding & seamless customer service

Breakthrough in customer service quality through Artificial Intelligence, regardless human resource limitations.

Background section

Customer service enhancement with AI

By the application of AI chatbot (FPT AI Chat) and voice bot (FPT AI Engage) in customer service, businesses can automate a significant portion of repetitive tasks, reduce operational costs, and provide omnichannel, 24/7 support to customers.

  • Automated answer to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    AI virtual assistants respond automatically to customer’s common questions, which serve anytime, anywhere, 24/7:
    Product Inquiries
    Information about operating hours, and store locations.
    Contact information (hotline, email, social media, v.v.)
    Other FAQs
  • Product and service inquiries
    AI virtual assistants can consult and deliver the most detailed, updated information about products or services to customers, including:
    List of products or services
    Prices of items, products, or services
    Questions about sales policies or order cancellations
    Payment methods
  • Self-service Portal
    Build a self-service portal which allows customers to independently navigate and perform actions to complete a particular request without contacting human customer service agents:
    Check order status, appointment schedules
    Orders returning & cancellation
    Request VAT invoice issuance
    Register for product or service usage
  • Live Support System
    Live Support helps businesses consolidate customer service channels into a single management platform:
    Automatically route messages between bots and advisors
    Ticket management, including checking ticket logs, closing completed tickets, and tracking tickets
    Integrated multi-channel management: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, website, etc.
  • Automated claim processing
    Auto-claim solution enables customers to submit complaints or claim requests automatically without involving human customer service agents:
    Receive claim information (website, mobile apps portal)
    Automatically process relevant documents, papers, and images related to the claim case
    Receive information, and initiate claim cases
    Review claim status.
  • Smart calls routing (Smart IVR)
    Smart IVR assists call centers in automatically routing calls based on voice recognition rather than traditional keypad inputs:
    Enhance customer experience, enabling ‘no-dial’ call center, hands-free experience for customers
    Accurately recognize voice with highly accurate performance

Delivering excellent & intelligent customer experiences

Equipped with the most advanced technologies on a robust infrastructure, the AI solution can serve thousands of customers simultaneously, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs for businesses.
Background section

FPT.AI powers extraordinary experience across customer touchpoints

  • Serving customers 24/7, anytime, anywhere

  • Virtual assistants with industry expertises

  • Human-like interactions

  • Omnichannel integration

  • Built on a powerful Dedicated Cloud infrastructure