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Unlock Sales Potential to Lead the Retail Industry with AI

Comprehensive AI solutions for retail to retail to optimize operations, augment business efficiency, and save expenses.

Domain Specific Operations

Experience in consulting and implementation of AI applications in operating processes for leading retail companies.
Improve Sales Competency

A brand new training model built on Generative AI that applies the Adaptive Micro-learning method, helping to improve sales competency and business efficiency.

Internal Virtual Assistant
An integrated AI assistant streamlines internal communication for retail companies to resolve inquiries about processes, compensation & benefits, promotion, product information, and technical support.
Intelligent Document Processing
The solution automates the processing of up to thousands of retail documentation set per hour with high accuracy, supporting a variety of templates such as invoices, goods delivery/received notes, receipts, and tax documents.
Automated Customer Surveys

The AI-enabled CSAT Autocall solution automates customer surveys for products and services, capturing real-time scoring during calls, generating detailed and insightful reports, and reducing the workload for business.

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