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An AI-powered automated payment reminder solution.

Stabilizing cash flow for businesses from post-payment sources, loans, and installment payments. Maximizing the reduction of overdue debts and bad debts for the business.

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Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Your Customers

The comprehensive AI ecosystem allows enterprises to automate operating activities and expand customer touch-points in order to create business breakthroughs and conquer customers

  • Automated payment reminders for services and financial loans
    Minimal cost and large scale, reaching up to thousands of customers per day by adopting AI
    Fully automating the entire scheduling reminder process
  • An AI virtual assistant (voicebot) capable of engaging with customers in a natural, friendly, and empathetic manner
    Human-like interaction
    Maintaining a professional attitude, consistently despite of thousands of calls
  • Increasing customer satisfaction, reducing bad debt ratios
    Helping customers avoid missing payments and protect customer’s credit score
    Enhancing a positive impression of the business
  • Accurate and timely statistical reporting
    Forecasting bad debts, overdue debts
    Forecasting cash flow
    Alerting on complex cases requiring real employee to handle

Applying Artificial Intelligence to automate the payment reminder process, and overdue debt notifications.

Automated payment reminder with voice synthesis technology and natural language processing enables the chatbot having human-like interations, reducing employees’s workload. Thus, increasing payment recovery potential for businesses.
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FPT.AI powered Extraordinary Experiences Across Industry

The comprehensive AI ecosystem allows banking& finance enterprises to automate operating activities and expand customer touchpoints in order to create business breakthroughs and conquer customers.

  • Easily create call campaigns.

  • Powerful Dedicated Cloud infrastructure tailored to meet all expansion needs exclusively for your business

  • Integrate systems in the your existing call center

  • User-friendly, intuitive management interface