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AI Contact Center Enhancement​

A transcription system that automatically converts audio conversations into text in order to maximize the call

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Comprehensive AI-Powered Call Center Quality Assurance

  • Solution: Reviewing and Evaluating the quality of inbound and outbound calls
    Utilizing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to transcribe all calls into text
    Uploading calls in batches
    Managing audit campaigns
    Role-based administration features
  • Analyze customer sentiment during the interaction to identify opportunities for improving service quality
    Adopting Natural Language Processing technology to detects the underlying emotion in customer calls and classifies it as positive, negative or neutral.
    Alert feature for abnormal calls in call center
    Analyzing purchase intentions
  • The platform and scoring criteria are tailored to each business function.
    Creating scoring criteria for calls/conversations customized to business needs.
    Easily update and modify scoring criteria
  • A specialized reporting system is customized to the needs of department
  • Integrate agent’s historical data to enhance the quality of call analysis

Optimize customer service competency and quality​

Adopting the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and conversation management
Background section

Revolutionize call center operations with FPT.AI

The AI-powered solution automates quality management in the call center, utilizing the full value of data to ensure compliance and augment customer experience.

  • Automatically transcribe conversation from audio to text with an accuracy of 80-90%.

  • Save manual quality assessment time by 70%

  • Decrease compliance issues by 60%