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FPT.AI updates chatbot platform – FPT.AI Conversation with outstanding features

November 10, 2019

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1. Create different chat scripts

This feature allows bot creators to build different scenarios to diversify conversations with customers. Chatbot, therefore, is able to advise and exploit information from customers in the best way, simultaneously helping businesses orient and guide customers according to the purpose they aim for (selling or marketing products/services).

2. Select the message for different customers

Compared to email, chatbots interact with customers more effectively as the open rates mount up to 90% (Open Rates – the percentage of users who open email or chat windows) according to an evaluation study of Email Marketing by IBM. Thus, using chatbot to send messages to customer data is an integral part of every marketing campaign.

The ability to send messages to multiple clients is not new to a bot creation platform. However, with FPT.AI, bot creators can select different messages for different objects. This can be considered a useful marketing and remarketing tool for businesses when it can reach hundreds of thousands of customers and personalize messages for each group of customers in just a few simple steps. With this feature of chatbot, businesses can easily reach the customers when launching new products or when there are any promotions.

3. Automatically analyze customer needs, analyze chatbot and customer data

This is a useful feature not only to help businesses develop chatbot to become more friendly with customers but also give the conclusions after the implementation of a marketing campaign or evaluate the effectiveness of a customer care task.

The system will analyze the performance of chatbot, judging on the accuracy of chatbot so that bot creators can “train” the chatbot to become smarter.

The system also evaluates the information that chatbot receives from the user, giving the business an insight into what the customer really wants. From there, businesses can rebuild their marketing strategies to focus more on the needs of their customers and create new marketing options.

4. Manage messages with customers

For some customers wishing to chat with people or want more in-depth product/service advice, the message management function allows the bot creator to turn the chatbot on or off for timely support.

In addition to the updated features, FPT.AI – Conversation retains the greatest advantage from its first release, including the ability to handle native languages. This is a special feature especially for developers who want to build chatbots that can understand and advise customers like humans. With the NLP feature, you can train the chatbot to understand the intent of the customer and identify the types of sentences that share the same intent. For example, when the client uses abbreviations or unsigned words, the chatbot can still offer accurate advice as the actual needs of the customer.

In addition, chatbot built on the FPT.AI platform can integrate with the existing systems of enterprises or integrate on much popular texting interfaces nowadays. The deployment of FPT.AI chatbot is also extremely flexible, consistent with the needs of enterprises with the Cloud and On-premise models.

Therefore, with the newly updated features, the chatbot creation platform applying artificial intelligence – FPT.AI Conversation promises to bring businesses in general and individuals who need to use chatbot for business purposes in particular, methods of approaching customers most quickly and effectively, contributing to promoting Sales – Marketing and optimizing production and operation.

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