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FPT AI Enhance

AI Contact Center Enhancement

FPT AI Enhance – The must-have solution for intelligent contact center in the digital era

Understand every customer – Improve service quality – Increase agent performance

100 %

Capture 100% of customer interactions

70 %

Reduce 70% of time for call analysis

60 %

Decrease 60% of compliance issues

Auto-Transcript – Information Extraction

Convert the entire conversations from audio to text format for easy analysis and automated information extraction

Flexible Auto Scoring

Design flexible scoring templates based on call scenarios with a variety of criteria that are easy to create and use

Alert Filter

Alert abnormal calls for quality control agents to re-listen and evaluate conversation content.

Report Studio

Provide a comprehensive dashboard & reporting tool to gather insights to understand customers and agents from every interaction in the call center.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze changes in customer sentiment as well as agent attitude throughout the call to assess customer satisfaction when interacting with the call center agent

Background section

FPT.AI powered Extraordinary Experiences Across Industry

FPT AI Enhance possesses outstanding features, enabling the call center to automate quality assessment process and providing in-depth analytics to improve operations

  • Flexible Scoring Form

  • Auto-Transcript

  • Alert Filer

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Report Studio

FPT AI Enhance is equipped with advanced AI technologies

  • Natural Language Processing 3.0: Process multiple languages such as Vietnamese, English, Japanese, and Indonesian
  • Automatic Speech Recognition: The speech recognition technology with the highest accuracy rate in the market
  • Knowledge Base: Domain knowledge for each industry including Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Retail
  • Sentiment Analysis: Analyze customer sentiment during the conversation to provide the most accurate score based on predetermined criteria

Get ready to transform your contact center with FPT AI Enhance