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The secure digital onboarding and authentication for business

FPT AI eKYC offers a fast, secure onboarding experience for businesses and end-users

An end-to-end, ready to integrate into all systems and business flows

Quickly authenticate and effectively detect fraud with the most advanced AI technologies

Seamless and convenient customer experience at every touch point

The most accurate and effective face biometric verification

  • Process face recognition, face match, and face search quickly and securely based on vectorization of face features
  • Provide many liveness check methods, preventing fraud such as deepfake
  • Fast service response time and GPU infrastructure to ensure transaction volume during peak-time based on actual business needs

Identify various identity documents, detect sophisticated frauds on the documentation surface

  • Extract information from document surface, QR code, NFC chip

  • AI checks for more than 30 signs of fraud and inconsistent quality

  • Cross-match information to check validity

SDK kits that support web and mobile platforms

  • Decompose functional modules, ready to integrate into all existing business systems of the business.
  • Increase eKYC success rate to more than 30% through AI features that automate identification and enable intuitive guidance
  • Admin portal allows monitoring the performance of the entire eKYC flow, customizing AI modules, and supporting reconciliation

Integrated with database of RAR (C06 – Ministry of Public Security)

  • Verify 100% accuracy and integrity of chip-based ID cards

  • Comprehensive anti-fraud, reducing risks for digital transactions

  • Fulfill business requirements for digital transformation and compliance

Learn about the onboarding process with FPT AI eKYC

1 minute to complete the digtial onboarding process or 2 seconds to verify face biometrics with FPT AI eKYC. The solution is built on the most powerful AI algorithms and machine learning and is regularly updated to fulfill emerging demands on authentication

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