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The solution for intelligent document processing

Benefits with FPT AI Read

Quickly convert text information from a variety of formats and forms into necessary data for business operations.

Reduce manual data processing tasks by up to 70%, helping to increase employee productivity and achieve business objectives in digital transformation.

Pre-process and categorize documents

  • Detect different documents within a set
  • Crop, rotate, re-align images and process image quality for extraction

Extract and intepret information

Extract information (PDFs, handwritten, tables, signatures, redstamps…) with high accuracy rate
Apply natural language processing technology to intepret information fields

Verify and correct extracted data

  • Use the human-machine augmentation model to verify credibility of the extracted information
  • Cross-check information within the same set of documents to check for validity, duplication, or contradiction


Library with 50+ document templates, ready to integrate for businesses in Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Logistics.

High accuracy rate

Automate document processing or provide self-service for customers with an accuracy rate of up to 98%. Ready to customize according to the business flow or build a new document extraction model in the shortest time.

FPT AI Read – Innovation for document management process