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Enhance security and compliance with our AI solution

Implement AI solutions to maximize protection against evolving security risks and seamlessly adapt to changes in business policies in the cyber environment.

Domain Specific Operations

The AI solution streamlines legal & compliance workflow, delivering high efficiency while saving costs for businesses.
Authentication for Customers and Employees

The solution identifies and verifies information of employees and customers on mobile apps and websites, preventing fraud. Integrated with advanced biometric technologies and national population data to ensure accurate authentication results.

Automated Document Processing

Automate business document processing with up-to-100% accuracy and an exceptional speed of 2 seconds per set. Powered by computer vision and deep learning, the solution offers advanced capabilities: document forgery detection, signature matching.

Internal Virtual Assistant

Integrate with internal communication channels, the AI virtual assistant automatically resolves employee inquiries on business processes, company regulations, security and compliance responsibilities for employees

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