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Pioneer the future of marketing and sales with AI

Empower businesses with the AI solution to drive customer acquisition and retention with sales intelligence and impactful, data-driven marketing campaigns.

Success Stories

Domain Specific Operations

Generate up to 30% sales growth through innovative, AI-driven marketing and sales activities.
Improve Sales Competency

A brand new training model built on Generative AI that applies the Adaptive Micro-learning method, helping to improve sales competency and business efficiency.

Automated Telesales

The AI voicebot automates telesales calls on a large scale with natural interaction capabilities, helping to increase conversion rate and sales efficiency for business.

Virtual Assistant for Customer Service

The AI virtual assistant with omni-channel integration to all customer touch points on mobile app, website, and social media, helps to provide product information, promotions, return policies, order tracking, etc.

Large-scale Marketing

The Broadcasting solution enables businesses to reach all customers via websites and social media to deliver news, promotions, and product launches, boosting marketing and communication efficiency.

Automated Customer Surveys

The AI-enabled CSAT Autocall solution automates customer survey calls for products and services, capturing real-time scoring during the call, generating detailed and insightful reports, and reducing workloads for business.

Intelligent Document Processing

The solution automates the processing of up to thousands of sales documentation set per hour with high accuracy, supporting a variety of templates: invoices, goods delivery/received notes, receipts, tax documents, etc.

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