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Intelligent Document Processing Solution

The new-generation data extraction platform from images enables the recognition and extraction of content from various types of business documents, facilitating the development of efficient and intelligent document processing workflows.

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Drive productivity through workflow automation

  • Create Intelligent Document Processing
    Enable automatic data entry for various non-structured, structured, and handwritten documents​
    Accuracy rate of​ 99%
    High processing performance, fast speed, 3 seconds per document set.
  • Claims Process Automation in Insurance Industry
    Automatically extract, read data, and provide compensation results
    Process various types of specialized documents in the insurance industry such as insurance contracts, medical examination reports, prescriptions, disability assessments, compensation claims, etc.

Equipping computer vision technology in business document processing.

The solution applies Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology based on Deep Learning, coupled with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.
Background section

Turn your data into meaningful insights with artificial intelligence

  • Automating document processing workflows and digitizing business paperwork.

  • Reducing repetitive tasks for employees

  • Increasing accuracy, reducing human errors.

  • Expediting the insurance claims settlement process.

  • Easily integratable into internal enterprise systems.