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The AI-powered Operational Solutions for Logistics

Unlock unprecedented efficiency and optimize operating costs with cutting-edge AI applications in Logistics.

Domain Specific Operations

The AI application helps reduce repetitive tasks and manual workload, focusing on creating new values to increase business efficiency
Digitize B/L and L/C

The solution automates the processing of up to thousands of logistics documentation set per hour with high accuracy, supporting a variety of templates: customs declaration, B/L, C/O, insurance documents.

Authentication for Customers and Employees

The solution enables identification and information verification for customers and deliverymen on mobile app and website, helping to prevent fraud.

In-house Training

A brand new employee training model built on Generative AI applies the Adaptive Micro-learning method, transforming internal training for products, processes, and sales policies.

Internal Virtual Assistant

Integrate with internal communication channels, the AI virtual assistant automatically resolves employee inquiries on business processes, compensations & benefits, product information, technical support, etc.

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