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FPT AI Mentor

Accompany to unlock potentials and improve employee competency with the power of AI

FPT AI Mentor is a virtual assistant that accompanies businesses to refine employee competency in every aspect

Explore individual potential and help employees promote and maintain maximum professional knowledge and competency

Optimize resources for training and retraining

Comprehensive Personalization

  • 100% employees receive daily personalized training that adapts to the strong and weak knowledge of each employee
  • Knowledge training in the following days will focus on weak parts, combined with the spaced repetition method to maintain solid knowledge

Easy Integration

Quickly integrated with any messaging platforms and internal softwares to minimize human resources and reduce deployment time

Intuitive Format – Modern Approach

The system quickly updates new information and knowledge within 48 hours. Training formats vary from texts, images, audio, and short videos… that enable learning anytime, anywhere using the micro-learning approach

Holistic Dashboards

  • Employees have a detailed and accurate understanding of their knowledge status, including strengths/weaknesses, ranking, and development progress, thereby navigating an adequate and comprehensive development path
  • Managers easily oversee the general knowledge status of the entire unit and the details of each employee as well as receive prompt HR development strategies from a built-in recommendation system
Background section

FPT AI Mentor – The solution to optimize employee competency for businesses in any sectors

FPT AI Mentor provides a state-of-the-art flow for employee development and training, integrated with advanced AI technologies and modern learning approaches in the digital era

  • Dynamic and engaging questions and newsletters generated by AI

  • Manage knowledge with Knowledge base, ensuring maximum accuracy

  • Completely personalized knowledge for each individual

  • Combine training with retraining: maintain continuous employee capacity

  • Holistic dashboards for all employees, managers, and senior managers

Applying proven, effective micro-adaptive learning approach, in line with advanced AI technologies

  • Generative AI

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Knowledge Base