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AI empowerment for Digital Workforce

Unleashing the power of AI-human combination

Background section

AI virtual assistant to accompany enterprise employees

  • AI virtual assistant to accompany enterprise employees
    HR & Admin support
    IT Helpdesk
    Internal virtual assistant
    Automated time-keeping
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform
    Centralization and management system of enterprise knowledge with outstanding advantages in comparison with traditional document management process.
    Data queries are performed in a conversational format
    Review and approval process for adequate access control and easy collaboration​
    Detailed reporting on enterprise data usage
  • Developing Human Capital Quality with AI
    Next-generation AI-powered training method, which is interactive, adaptive and friendly to young learners
    Personalized Employee Training Pathways
    Advanced reporting system

Building a digital workforce, enhancing human workforce capabilities with AI

Background section

Employee experience enhancement

  • Employee experience enhancement

  • Automating repetitive HR management & administrative tasks

  • Developing the capabilities of employees by innovative training methods

  • Centralized platform for enterprise knowledge management

  • Easy deployment and integration with internal management systems