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Empower the digital workforce with AI

Unleashing the power of human-machine augmentation

Background section

AI virtual assistant to accompany enterprise employees

  • AI virtual assistant for employees
    HR & Admin support
    IT Helpdesk
    Internal virtual assistant
    Automated time-keeping
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform
    Centralize and manage enterprise knowledge, offering outstanding advantages in comparison with traditional document management process
    Query data with an intuitive, conversational format
    Organize data, manage access, and enable collaboration in a safe and secure way
    Detailed reports on enterprise data
  • Foster employee competency with AI
    An innovation for interactive, modern training method, powered by Generative AI
    Personalize learning path for each employee
    Advanced report system

Build a digital workforce and enhance employee capabilities with AI

Background section

Employee experience enhancement

  • Transform employee experience

  • Automate repetitive tasks in human resources management

  • Foster employee development with the next-generation training method

  • A centralized platform for enterprise knowledge management

  • Easy deployment and integration into internal systems