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Comprehensive AI virtual assistant for enterprise employees

Instant, round-the-clock internal support, enhancing employee experience and increasing workforce productivity.

Background section

Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Your Customers

  • HR & Admin Support
    AI Chatbot to handle and answers to administration inquiries.
    AI-powered automated onboarding process for new employees.
    Dissemination of company procedures, policies, and regulations to all staff members.
    Automated processes for insurance compensation, expenses, and reimbursements for employees.
  • IT Helpdesk
    Automatic reception and routing of technical support requests to in-charge departments.
    Chatbot to address frequently asked questions.
    Ticket management system
  • Internal virtual assistant to assist employees
    Address common queries encountered during work.
    Look up information about personnel, departments.
    Disseminate internal communications & events.
  • Automatic attendance tracking
    Utilize facial recognition or biometric identification technology.
    Integrate with building access management system.

Applying artificial intelligence to enhance employee experience

Build an AI-first organization that prioritizes human development through innovative technologies
Background section

FPT.AI powered Extraordinary Experiences Across Industry

  • 24/7 internal support

  • Employees experience enhancement

  • Reducing workload for administrative and HR departments

  • Automating repetitive HRM tasks

  • Easy deployment and integration with internal management systems