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The Next Frontier of Customer Service in the Age of AI

Leverage the power of AI to elevate customer experience, improve CSAT, and minimize repetitive tasks for human agents.

Domain Specific Operations

FPT.AI solutions empowers the entire insurance value chain, ranging from sales, contract signing, customer services, and agent training.
AI Customer Care Operator

Automate inbound and outbound calls by handling thousands of calls per month, reducing the burden on human agents, lowering operating costs and eliminating repetitive tasks (fee notifications, service surveys, FAQ resolution)

Omni-channel Chatbot for Customer Service

The intelligent AI chatbot platform with omni-channel integration to mobile apps, websites, and social media, offers instant responses to frequently asked questions such as cards, loans, interest rates, promotions, exchange rates, and branch locations.

Automated Customer Surveys
The AI-enabled CSAT Autocall solution automates customer survey calls for products and services, capturing real-time scoring during the call, generating detailed and insightful reports, and reducing workloads for business.
Automated Call Center Quality Management
Ensure quality management for 100% of inbound and outbound calls with auto-scoring and comprehensive dashboards for each agent. Integrated with advanced speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing.

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