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Leveraging AI for customer and agent identification

Simplify the customer and agent account opening process into 3 steps, completed within 40 seconds using AI-powered Know-Your-Customer solution.

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Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Your Customers

The comprehensive AI ecosystem allows enterprises to automate operating activities and expand customer touch-points in order to create business breakthroughs and conquer customers

  • Electronic Customer Identification (eKYC)
    Automating the customer identity verification process (KYC)
    Ensuring a fast, secure identification process that complies with legal regulations
    Reduce fake, spam, and unauthorized accounts
    Widely applicable across organizations and businesses, especially in the financial, banking, and insurance sectors.
  • Employee, advisor, and collaborator identification
    Applied in insurance, transportation, and businesses with large networks of collaborators
    Reducing the incidence of fake, spam, and unauthorized accounts
  • User authentication solutions
    Providing tools for identifying and verifying users with their biometrics, NFC chips, or cross-referencing with national data
    Easy integration with existing client’s processes
    Cost-effective, high accuracy

Comprehensive Identity-powered Modern Security

Applying the latest advancements in Computer Vision, biometric technolog, and a powerful, flexible, easily customizable platform.
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Improve the effectiveness of customer authentication with FPT eKYC SDK

  • Improve the effectiveness of customer authentication with FPT eKYC SDK.

  • Flexible deployment, great performance

  • Meeting national requirements for biometric identification and authentication

  • Reduce Fraud Risk

  • Integrate biometric identification with national digital population database.