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AI adoption for excellent customer experience

Building intelligent customer experiences with the power of AI has never been easier

Background section

Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Your Customers

The comprehensive AI ecosystem allows enterprises to automate operating activities and expand customer touch-points in order to create business breakthroughs and conquer customers

  • Exceptional Customer Service
    AI virtual assistant can handle most repetitive tasks in the customer service center:
    AI chatbots to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    Product and service inquiry
    Self-service portal
    Automated claim processing
    Smart call routing (Smart IVR)
  • Proactive customer care
    Leverage every interaction and proactively engage with customers using AI:
    Automated customer surveys
    Automated customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT)
    Welcome calls for new customers
    Automated appointment reminders & payment reminder
  • Customer experience management
    In-depth analysis across all platforms (call center, website, mobile app, social media):
    Listening, understanding & analysis of customer behavior
    Analysis of agent performance
    In-depth reporting & dashboard system

Integration of AI technology into the customer journey

The solution is equipped with holistic AI-powered technologies, including Natural Language Processing, Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, Conversation Management, and so on.
Background section

FPT.AI provides market-leading solutions for customer experience enhancement

  • Combining natural language processing and industry expertise

  • Quick and easy deployment

  • Omni-channel integration

  • Data security and privacy compliance

  • Natural & human-like interaction