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Create proactive customer-care experience with AI

Deliver a premium experience and increase customer loyalty by intelligent automated customer care process. Get your customer service agent unchained from repetitive task.

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Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Your Customers

  • Automated Customer Survey
    The solution helps businesses to reach out to customers via text messages/calls automatically and proactively, to conduct:
    Customer’s feedback about a particular product/service
    Surveying about the promotion program
    Gathering other customer’s feedback
  • Automated customer satisfaction survey
    Collecting customer satisfaction feedback on products/services with just one call or a few clicks with the power of AI:
    Rating questions
    Multiple-choice questions
    Other feedback/comments about product or service
  • Welcome calls
    Giving a positive impression to new customers with intelligent automated welcome calls. The solution can perform up to thousands of automated calls per month, significantly reducing repetitive tasks for human agents.
    Calls for confirming information (contract number, ID number, customer name)
    Calls for providing instructions, and tips on using products or services
  • Payment & appointment reminders
    The solution offers automated appointment reminder for customers, utilizing voicebot and chatbot:
    Reminders for service appointments (education, finance, fitness, spa, etc.)
    Reminders for payment schedule for (applying in telecommunications, insurance, education, etc.)

Delivering proactive customer care capacity at a large scale

Combining the power of cutting-edge technologies and a robust infrastructure, the solution has the capability to actively reach out to thousands of customers simultaneously, enhancing satisfaction and reducing operational costs for businesses.
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FPT.AI powered Extraordinary Experiences Across Industry

  • Proactive customer care – 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

  • Human-like interactions

  • Multi-channel integration

  • Built on a powerful Dedicated Cloud infrastructure